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How to Spring Clean Your Dorm Room

How to Spring Clean Your Dorm Room
Spring cleaning your dorm room offers several benefits. First, you'll be organized in preparation for finals — you won't have to wonder where you stashed your calculus notes the night before the exam. Second, if you keep your space clean and organized, you'll have far less to do when it comes time to move out of your dorm at the end of the school year.

File and Store Documents

College students amass reams upon reams of paperwork. From old papers to class syllabi, you might have paper scattered all over your dorm room, which means you can't find it in a pinch. Getting rid of unnecessary papers will make moving out at the end of the semester a breeze.

File your paperwork, from tax documents to class notes, then toss the documents you'll never use again. After you're finished, you might find that you've created a more comfortable study environment as well as a way to find papers that you need in a hurry.

Clean Off Surfaces

Desks, dressers, night stands, and other dorm room surfaces can collect thick layers of dust and other detritus. They also tend to collect clutter, so take time to throw out or donate items you no longer need. After you declutter, wipe down surfaces to reduce spring allergy symptoms and make the space more appealing.

Give the bathroom surfaces a thorough scrubbing, as well, and discard empty toiletry containers, including those that might be hiding in cabinets or behind the toilet. If you share your bathroom with roommates or dorm mates, consider setting up a bathroom-cleaning schedule for the rest of the year.

Scrub the Floors

After you walk all over campus, you track in dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants. Start with a vacuum or broom and dustpan to pick up loose particles. Find a place for all the clutter that might have accumulated on the floor (and throw out what you don't need).

Do Your Laundry

College students often have difficulty finding time to wash their laundry. Now's your chance to gather all the stray linens and clothing from the bottom of your closet and underneath your bed. Study for finals while you wait for the machines at the laundromat to work their magic. Don't forget about your sheets and towels, especially if they've been neglected all semester.

Find a way to store your laundry so it doesn't create clutter in your dorm room. You might box up heavier clothing and linens since you probably won't need them now that the weather is warm. This will eliminate one step you'd otherwise have to take when you get ready to move out of the dorm.

Spring cleaning your dorm room is the perfect way to freshen the space and get a head start on the move-out process. If you pack items in boxes, label them clearly so you can find them in storage or once you get back home. It also helps to group like items together so you can find them easier.

Image via Flickr by Asher Isbrucker