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4 Amazing Storage Products for Your Dorm Room

4 Amazing Storage Products for Your Dorm Room
When you move into a dorm or apartment, you face one major challenge: How to keep your place neat and your stuff organized. You've unpacked all your belongings from the boxes in which they arrived, and now you're just hoping you don't drown under the mountain of things you've dragged with you to college.

If you're struggling to find convenient and budget-friendly storage solutions, try a few of these in your college abode.

Drawer Organizers

Most dorm rooms come with a desk and a dresser, both of which include drawers. While drawers by themselves can provide valuable storage space, they're often too deep to offer a functional and practical solution. Drawer organizers allow you to split up the space.

You can buy drawer organizers at your favorite big box store. Most are made of clear plastic so you can see their contents. However, if you're operating on a shoestring budget, consider making your own using small containers, such as jewelry boxes.

Repurposed Milk Crates

Shelving units can get expensive, but it's far cheaper to make them yourself. Milk crates are stackable, which means you can make your shelf as tall and wide as you want. Use the openings to store books, school supplies, trinkets, DVDs, and anything else you want to keep off the floor.

Wisebread offers several other suggestions for repurposing milk crates. Use them as your TV stand (with built-in storage) or as a makeshift filing cabinet. You can also use milk crates as your nightstand in a college apartment or, if you put two side-by-side, as a coffee table. Use the inside to store throw pillows and blankets. If you don't like the milk-crate look, consider buying stackable plastic or metal bins instead.

Closet Carousels

Closet carousels are diverse and highly functional. Plus, they don't take up much space, which makes them ideal for college apartments and dorm rooms. They feature multiple pockets of different sizes that hang vertically from a curtain rod. Use them to organize your shoes, scarves, hats, and other small articles of clothing.

You can also use closet carousels for office supplies, small tools, or anything else you want to keep out of the way. Alternatively, consider a shoe organizer that hangs on the back of a door. This works particularly well in apartments and dorm rooms without closet space.

Tiered Storage Units

Tiered storage units offer several drawers to store your college essentials. As a bonus, they usually feature a flat top that you can use for another purpose, such as holding drinks or setting your bedside lamp. Colorful storage units add personality to the space and help offset the institutional appearance that often plagues college housing.

When you go to college, you sometimes have to get creative with storage. These suggestions will help you stay sane while you study for finals, and they won't force you to dip too far into your savings account. If you still have too much stuff, of course, you can always keep some of it in storage during the school year. 

Image via Flickr by Maegan