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5 Important Tips for Moving Furniture Safely and Efficiently

5 Important Tips for Moving Furniture Safely and Efficiently
Time to move? Whether you've recently earned your degree and you're moving into your first apartment, or you're just storing your stuff over summer break, moving can be a challenge — particularly if you have a lot of furniture. To make relocating your furniture as easy and pain-free as possible, use the following tips.

Measure Before You Move

The last thing you want is to struggle for an hour to get your sofa up seven flights of stairs and then realize that it is too big for your apartment's living room. Know the dimensions of all doorways and staircases that you'll have to maneuver through, and be sure to measure your living space as well.

Warn your moving buddies about any particularly challenging pieces so they can mentally prepare themselves!

Disassemble What You Can

Some pieces of furniture are relatively easy to take apart and put back together. Breaking them down into pieces will make them easier to move and to pack. Empty the drawers of all your dressers, and carry the drawers separately so they don't slide out while you're moving. Similarly, take the cushions off any sofas and chairs.

Try to avoid disassembling anything that is made of pressboard; taking the screws out of it can cause damage, and you might not be able to get the piece of furniture back together again.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Horror stories of how people injured their backs while moving furniture are all too common. If you find yourself having to move some or all of your stuff yourself, avoid your chiropractor by using safe lifting techniques:

  • When you're picking something up, keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Lift with your knees, not your back.

  • Try to keep your back straight while you're carrying furniture, and try to look straight ahead.

  • Change direction with your feet, not by twisting your back.

  • When it is time to set something down, do so slowly. Use your legs to lower yourself into a squat; don't bend over using your hips as a hinge.

Slide Items When Possible

Sliding heavy items across level surfaces spares you from the sweat and tears of carrying them. To get something down the hallway of your apartment building, put a piece of cardboard or a towel underneath it. You might be able to push it across the floor with little effort. You might also consider putting Magic Sliders under your furniture pieces' feet. They'll make it easy for you to rearrange your furniture after all your moving helpers have left.

Pack Efficiently

Take steps to protect your furniture before it goes into the moving truck. Wrap your upholstered furniture in plastic so it doesn't incur any stains during the move. You should also wrap your wood furniture so it doesn't get any new scratches.

If you're putting your furniture into storage rather than moving it to a new place, be careful not to pack things too close together. This will reduce the risk of accidental damage, and it will make it easier to retrieve the things you want most when you visit your storage unit. You could also have professionals come to pick up your items and place them into storage for you.

Moving furniture may not be the most fun task you can imagine, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare, either. Put the above tips into practice to make the process as easy as possible.

Image via Flickr by sunset_removals