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Storing Your Stuff for Summer Break

Storing Your Stuff for Summer Break
The semester is winding to a close, and you're looking forward to spending the summer in your hometown with your parents. There is only one problem: What do you do with all of your stuff? Throughout the school year, you might have accumulated more than you can take back to your parents' house with you. You can't stay in your dorm room for the summer, or your new lease doesn't overlap with your current one. Either way, you've got a window of time where you have nowhere for your stuff to go.. Use the following tips to help you store your stuff this summer.

Scope Out Storage

The earlier you start looking for a place to store your stuff, the more likely you are to get a good price. Compare not only prices, but also the space available, if the units have climate control, and if the storage company offers any additional services. College Student Storage (CSS) in Colorado, for example, can not only help you with storing your stuff, but also with packing and moving it. CSS also offers per-semester and per-summer rates, making for simpler pricing than what you might find at many storage companies.

Get Rid of What You Can

You'll probably end up using most of your stuff when you come back to school in the fall, but the months and weeks before summer break are always a good time to evaluate how much you really need. Maybe it is time to say goodbye to that lava lamp that you've outgrown, or maybe you have some broken items that are long due for the dumpster.

Talk to Your Friends

Some of your fellow students are probably also wondering what to do with their stuff. Maybe you can split the cost of storage. You should have both of your names on the storage contract so you're both responsible to the storage company for making any payments.

When you're deciding how much each person should pay, consider how much stuff each of you wants to store. You shouldn't have to pay half the cost of summer storage if your stuff is only a quarter of what will be stored!

Pack and Move Wisely

Don't just haphazardly throw things into boxes. You could end up with some extremely heavy boxes and some that barely weigh anything. Put heavier items in smaller boxes. Be diligent about labeling your boxes, particularly the boxes that contain fragile items.

Don't try to impress others by flinging your stuff around or carrying more than you can reasonably hold. Practice proper lifting techniques, and take frequent breaks so you don't end up injuring yourself. Having professional packers and movers help you out can take a lot of the stress out of storing your stuff for the summer.

The excitement of summer break never loses its appeal, no matter how old you are. Slide into the season of sun with as little stress as possible when you give some advance thought to how you're going to store your stuff.

Image via Flickr by Becky Stern.