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The 5 Best Dorm Room Gadgets That You've Never Heard Of

The 5 Best Dorm Room Gadgets That You've Never Heard Of
Most dorm rooms don't leave a lot of freedom for creativity. Between the bed, the desk, and drawer set, there isn't much space for statement pieces and redecorating. However, that doesn't mean you can't make your dorm room stand out above the rest — without wasting precious space or blowing through your budget. These five gadgets will make your room pop and turn you into the most popular person on your floor.

Nimbus Smart Dashboard

This device syncs with your phone and tells you everything you need to know in advance. With four dials, this gadget can tell you what traffic is like if you have an off-campus meeting, what the weather is like, and even how many Facebook likes and comments a post is receiving. Each face can be changed as often as you want to whatever you want. This way, you can glance up to check the time (and so much more) without getting further distracted by your phone.

The Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machines don't need the traditional hookups of older, bulkier models, because they pull from your faucet instead. The loads are traditionally smaller than regular washers, and you will have to use a conventional dryer (or a clothesline), but this gadget can reduce the time and stress of laundry faced by many college students.

Laundry can be expensive. You might pay $3–8 per load to wash and dry, depending on your campus. This model eliminates the cost of washing completely and reduces the cost of drying. Also, this machine treats your clothes better than the industrial dorm models will. It's ideal for washing a delicate dress and hanging it to dry instead of letting the giant turbines in the basement tear your clothes apart.

Three-in-One Breakfast Station

For under $40, this gadget combines a coffee maker, toaster oven, and griddle into one appliance that can be used for so much more than breakfast. Instead of taking up three plugs, this device only uses one. Plus, the gadgets are combined to take up less space, which means you can have room for other gadgets or food. This gadget also lets you take a reprieve from cafeteria food without limiting your options to ramen and hot pockets.

Grassy Lawn Charging Station

This charging station creates a patch of green in an environment where plants rarely thrive. Tuck your cables underneath this "potted plant" and never lose your charger again. Multiple devices can be placed there at once, so everyone can charge their phones without clogging the limited outlets.

Portable Ice Maker

If you're a caffeine addict who goes through a gallon of soda during every cram session, cool your drinks with a portable ice maker. This item is compact but bright, showing off how tricked-out your room is. It also frees space if you have a mini-fridge and are trying to make ice cubes by hand. Life is too short to drink lukewarm beverages.

However you decide to style your dorm, make sure it matches your personality and shows off who you are. The best rooms are the ones that feel like home. To make sure your gadgets stay intact throughout college, be sure to contact a student storage service that will store your valuables in a secure location while you're away.

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