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5 Things to Do the Summer Before College

5 Things to Do the Summer Before College
Congratulations! You've graduated from high school and are gearing up to go to college. You've got a whole summer between graduation and move-in day to fill. It might be tempting to spend every day lounging by the pool, but you'll be in a new environment before you know it. Use the summer to say goodbye to your old life and hello to your new one!

Visit Your Favorite Spots

You're going to develop new favorite places on campus, but nothing replaces your favorite spots in the town where you grew up. Eat at your favorite restaurants. Walk in your favorite parks. Take a book for an afternoon of reading at downtown's best coffee shop. Some students make it home several times during the fall, but others have to wait until Thanksgiving or winter break to hit up those favorite spots again. Make sure you get your fill now!

Spend Quality Family Time

You're used to seeing members of your family on a daily basis, and no matter how excited you are to be leaving for college, you're going to miss them (yes, you'll even miss your annoying younger sibling!). If you have any family traditions like going to the movies on Thursday nights or having a family Scrabble night on Mondays, indulge in those traditions. Take a weekend road trip with the family, or go to an area amusement park for the day. Create a few new memories to take with you to college.

Reach Out to Your New Roommate

Colleges usually send out roommate information sometime in the summer to give students chances to get acquainted. Take the opportunity to send them an e-mail or find them on social media. Learn about each other beforehand so you have fewer surprises and don't feel like you're living with a total stranger.

Learn About Campus

You probably visited campus before matriculation, but you didn't see the nitty-gritty, like where all the dining halls are, which dorm has the best laundry facilities, and where the coolest restaurants are nearby. Hop on social media boards or head to school a little early so you can get some insider information about the campus you'll be living on for the next four years. It also helps to find all the buildings where your classes are, so your first day is less stressful.

Have an Adventure

5 Things to do the Summer Before College

Image via Flickr by Ciokka

An adventure can mean anything you want it to: taking a road trip with your high school bestie, finally getting the nerve to hit on your crush, reading the five classics you've been meaning to start but never had the time for, or eating the most chicken wings at the local barbecue place! Do that thing that's been on your mind during high school, but that you haven't had the time or the guts to go for.

You're free to start figuring out who you are without the pressure of high school hanging over your shoulders. The most important thing is that you enjoy your summer and get ready for the first day of classes!

Featured image via Flickr by Chill Mimi