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5 Must-Do's Before You Start College in Colorado

5 Must-Do's Before You Start College in Colorado
Before you buckle down and start your freshman college year in Colorado, spend the summer exploring the exciting and picturesque recreation opportunities Colorado has to offer. The American outdoors is gorgeous in Colorado, and some of the best activities you'll engage in will involve Colorado's scenery and natural formations. Once you've experienced the adventure Colorado offers, you'll be so glad you get to be here for the next four years.


See A Concert at Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air concert venue in Morrison, Colorado, near Denver. Famous artists from all over the country and the world travel to Colorado to give concerts at Red Rocks, so check the summer schedule to see if one of your favorite bands is playing. If concerts aren't your thing, Red Rocks offers other events, like Yoga on the Rocks, that might appeal to you more.

Hike in the Mountains

Taking a hike in the Rocky Mountains is something you can't miss out on when you're in Colorado. It's the thing most people will ask you about when you say you go to school in Colorado! Many trails exist in different areas and with different levels of difficulty, so choose the hike you want on a day with gorgeous weather and head to some of the most spectacular views you'll ever experience.

Visit Old Town Golden

Golden, Colorado is worth a visit because the Wild West is still alive there in many ways. You can still go gold panning in Clear Creek just like the prospectors did during the gold rush. Golden also offers six museums in the downtown area alone, several of which focus on the city's intriguing Wild West history.

Tube Boulder Creek

Rent an inner tube and go careening down Boulder Creek for the adventure of a lifetime. If you head there in June, the water is going to be pretty cold, but you can rent a wetsuit. If you wait until the end of summer, you're likely to experience warmer water that has less snowmelt in it. Go on a day when the creek is about 200 cubic feet per second so you get an adrenaline rush, but can handle it if you've never been tubing.

Take a Dip in Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a natural hot spring in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The hot springs are an average of 104 degrees, but walls built into the springs offer pools with slight temperature differentiations. At Strawberry Park you can stay the night, too, whether you choose to pitch a tent at the campground, rent a cabin, or stay in the train caboose, which has been converted to the coolest vacation lodging you're likely to see in a long time.

Colorado is a beautiful, exciting state with lots to offer young, adventurous people. Treat yourself for finishing high school and getting into a Colorado university by spending your summer getting acquainted with all Colorado has to offer.

Image via Flickr by katinalynn