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5 Ways to Find a Roommate

5 Ways to Find a Roommate
If you're headed to college and want to save money on housing, finding a roommate is essential. That's hard to do when you're from out of town and you don't know anyone. Take a look at these five ways to find a roommate with ease.

Create a Profile on

Roomsurf is a website that helps match you up with potential roommates based on your personality and hobbies. You first create a profile and select your college network. Then, you take a survey and get a list of people who are compatible with you. You can message people who are matches to get to know them better before selecting a roommate. The drawback is that sometimes people aren't completely truthful on their profiles and their surveys.

Place a Classified Ad on Craigslist

Another way to find a roommate is to post a housing ad on Craigslist. This works really well if you already have a place to live and just need a roommate to come in and help with the monthly costs of renting. Make sure that your ad is as specific as possible so that you only have to sort through candidates that meet your criteria.

Most cities also have websites where you can post classified ads if you'd rather not use Craigslist. They're typically run by local news stations. The drawback to classified ads is that you sometimes they don't get seen by many people, which reduces your chance of finding a roommate.

Look for Roommates on Facebook

According to Collegiate Times, between 85 percent and 99 percent of college students use Facebook. You can search for people going to the same college as you and see who is looking for a roommate. There is a Facebook app called, "RoomSync" that can facilitate this. You can also see which of your friends are going to nearby schools.

Check Out Roomidex

Similar to Roomsurf, Roomidex is a website to help you find a roommate, but it only offers services in certain cities, such as San Francisco and New York City. The way that Roomidex works is you sign up with your Facebook account and Roomidex searches your broader social network for potential roommate candidates. Then you can contact these people to see if they are interested.

Let Your College Match You Up at Random

If you've already tried to find a roommate with the apps and websites mentioned in this article and had no luck, most colleges don't have a problem assigning roommates if you plan to stay in on-site housing. The drawback is that you could get matched up with someone who has a very different personality and you might find it hard to get along. However, most of the time this doesn't happen. Plus, you can always request a new roommate before the new semester starts.

Your college roommate will be involved in lots of your adventures, so it helps to have a roommate that is also your friend. Take the time at the beginning to find someone compatible with your personality so you can always have a blast.

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