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4 College Essentials to Pick Up from Storage

4 College Essentials to Pick Up from Storage
If you put all your dorm items into storage after last semester, it's important to make sure you grab some things before you head back to school. While you may not need everything you put in storage right away, there are some items you simply don't want to start school without. Check out the items you need to pick up before you head back.


If you boxed up and stored your bedding before you went home for the summer, get this out of storage first. You don't want to end up back in a dorm room without any sheets, blankets, or pillows. If you can pull out your items before you're actually back in the dorm and wash them, that's ideal. This way, you know they're clean and fresh and no longer smell like the storage unit. Otherwise, make sure to wash the bedding as soon as you get to school, before you put it on your bed.


Don't leave your beanbag, computer chair, or other seating items behind. Not only will you need somewhere to sit and relax, but it will be more difficult to invite new friends into your dorm if you don't have anywhere for them to sit. Bring along any of your extra seating when you head back to school this year. Before bringing six or seven chairs, however, check with your new roommate to make sure that you don't bring too much.

Storage Items

Remember, dorm rooms are well-known for lack of space, so be sure to bring along any storage items you'll be using during the year. Tupperware containers, under-bed storage, shelving, and any other storage items you used last year will be helpful again this year. Even closet storage, such as a shoe rack or extra hangers, are important to bring along. Small items like your desk organizer and shower caddy are helpful, too. Even if you plan to buy a few new storage items, it's a good idea to bring what you have right now.


You probably packed away all of your winter clothes, college t-shirts, and other items you weren't going to use over summer vacation. However, when you're coming back to college, it's important to remember that you'll be using these clothing items again while you're on campus. Grab your boxes of clothes so that you're prepared for a sudden cold snap — but take the time to wash your previously stored clothes before you wear them. Otherwise, they may smell moldy. If you decide not to grab all of your clothes, essentials include a jacket, some sweaters, and any jeans you had stored.

Instead of starting from scratch, make college less stressful by heading to your storage unit and grabbing the things you need before the semester begins. Wash cloth items before using them and wipe down everything else to make sure your items look good and smell nice. While you don't have to start the semester with everything you accumulated last semester, it's good to have at least a little consistency.

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