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Best Food Storage Solutions for Your Dorm

Best Food Storage Solutions for Your Dorm
Even if you have a cafeteria at your college, it's likely that you'll want to keep some food in your dorm. Snack foods, quick and easy meals, and a variety of other consumables will permeate your room. Luckily, there are a variety of storage options for your food.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Get a little creative with your snack storage by using an over-the-door shoe organizer. If you don't have a lot of shoes but do have a lot of snacks, this organizer gives you perfectly sized compartments for all your treats. Inexpensive shoe organizers are widely available that will be perfect for your college dorm. On top of this, because the organizer hangs, you won't have to worry about it taking up valuable floor space. Check with your roommate to make sure he or she isn't planning to use the door space for something else, then share the spots for both your food.


You should also check on the rules for shelving in your dorm. If you're allowed to add shelves, this is a great way to store your food. Shelves can be inexpensive and easy to install. Store boxed items, canned goods, and a variety of other foods on the shelves you install. Depending on the layout of your dorm room, shelves could go above your desk, near your closet, or between beds. Some dorm rooms already have shelving available for your use.

Roll-Away Cart

If you're not able to install new shelves or if you simply don't want to deal with doing so, consider a roll-away cart. You can find carts with drawers or bins that allow for easy storage. Roll-away carts are particularly helpful because they have several drawers or shelves, allowing you to store more in a small space — and on top of that, they're portable. You can store all sorts of food items in a roll-away cart. Just remember that depending on the construction of the one you choose, you may have to limit the weight of what you store.

Tupperware Containers

Whether you're storing leftovers from your last meal or you want to keep your snacks stored properly, consider Tupperware and other plastic containers. These containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to choose exactly what you need. They also stack well, helping you save space in your small dorm room. Small containers allow you to easily grab and go, and since the lids on these containers are generally airtight, your food will stay fresh for longer than if you were to simply wrap it in plastic wrap.

Keeping your food stored in a dorm room doesn't have to be difficult. Even when you're dealing with a small space, you can find several ways to store your snacks and meals. Talk with your roommate about his or her ideas and what he or she has already come up with for food storage. Stackable storage solutions and storage ideas that don't take up floor space are especially handy for keeping your area organized.

Image via Flickr by neil conway