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Decorating Your Dorm With a Roommate

Decorating Your Dorm With a Roommate
If you've never lived with a roommate, it can be quite a shock to realize that you have to share just about everything with another person. When you move into your new dorm room, it's a good idea to talk to your roommate and find out what their decorating ideas are. Whether your tastes are similar or completely different, there are a few ways you can work together to ensure that your dorm looks great and fits both of you.

Talk Ahead of Time

Before you move in, you'll probably get information on your new dorm mate. This allows you to talk and figure out each of your decorating styles. When you're talking to your dorm mate, find out what colors and styles they love or hate. Tell them your preferences, but be willing to be flexible. For example, if your roommate hates a certain color, consider limiting the items you have in that color. While this won't always work, having a little give and take in your decorating ideas is important for both of you to feel comfortable in the space.

Split the Room

If you simply cannot come to an agreement on how to decorate the room, consider splitting the room down the middle. This doesn't mean that you literally draw a line that the other can't cross. Instead, it means that you each have your own space to decorate. While this could result in clashing colors and completely different looks on each side of the room, it also means that you get to decorate your space exactly how you want.

Shop Together

Keep in mind that you don't have to have your decorating plan in place before you move in. You can wait until you're both moved into the room and go shopping together. During your shopping trip, you'll be able to get a more concrete idea of each of your styles and find items that work for both of you. Even if you have completely different styles, when you go shopping together, you're likely to find a few decorative pieces that you both like or, at the very least, can live with.

Pick a Theme

Another option for working with your roommate to decorate your dorm is to pick a theme. If you can't decide on a color, you may be able to find something else you both agree on. Themes can be just about anything you can think of, from country to a pattern. Do you both love polka dots? Play it up throughout the room. Do you share a dream of visiting Italy? Make your room an inspiration for the future. Try to find some common theme to help the room feel more cohesive.

All it takes to decorate with a roommate is a little communication and flexibility. While you may go into college with concrete ideas of how your life will be, remember that everything changes, and sometimes it's best to just go with the flow. Decorating your dorm room is no exception.

Image via Flickr by Oregon State University