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4 DIY Nail Polish Storage Solutions

4 DIY Nail Polish Storage Solutions
Whether you're a nail polish fanatic or you only have a few bottles, it's a good idea to keep your collection organized. Luckily there are several different ways you can make your own storage for nail polish that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, saves space, and looks amazing.

Picture Frame Shelf

Have you ever been at the store and seen an elegant or unique picture frame that you absolutely loved? It's easy to take a picture frame and turn it into something else. Simply get some wood planks and screw them into the picture frame. Make sure you have the shelves at appropriate intervals for your nail polish bottles. You can even paint the picture frame after you have it shelved, making it the perfect accessory for your bedroom, dorm, or bathroom. Not only are your nail polishes stored easily on these shelves, but they're also on display.

Magnetic Nail Polish Board

One of the hottest new trends in makeup storage is a magnetic board. This can easily be translated into one of your nail polish storage ideas. The magnetic nail polish board is also easy to make. Get a piece of metal that is the size you want. If you want a little extra flair, you can cover the metal with wallpaper or fabric of your choosing. You can also put the piece of metal into a picture frame. Attach magnets to the back of your nail polish bottles with a glue gun. Now you can easily attach the nail polish to the metal board for display and storage.

Plastic Plates and Candlesticks

Another storage solution for nail polish is to make a round display from plastic plates and candlesticks. Make sure you get heavy-duty plates since they have to hold your nail polishes. It's also a good idea to get decorative candlesticks and plates because this option doubles as an attractive display. In the center of the back of a plate, add a dab of hot glue. Attach the candlestick to the plate. Continue this process to create as many tiers as you want. Add your nail polish for a fun and easy storage solution.

Hanging Organizer

There's a variety of hanging shoe organizers out there, ranging from over-the-door hangers to those that go inside the closet. You can use one of these organizers to save a ton of space and hassle when it comes to storing and keeping track of your nail polish. You can put several polishes into one shoe slot, making it an extremely efficient option. Organize by color, brand, or any other way you want. With a hanging organizer, you're able to keep all of your nail polish together.

Implementing space saving ideas to organize your nail polish doesn't have to be difficult. With just a few supplies and a little time, you can make interesting DIY nail polish organizing options. Save space in a small room and show off your personal style with one of these nail polish organizers.

Featured image via Flickr by evhoffman