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Forgot Your Winter Clothing at Home? No Problem!

Forgot Your Winter Clothing at Home? No Problem!
When you get back to school, it's not long before you start realizing all the things you forgot at home. When the temperature starts dropping and it's getting cold outside, you might realize you forgot your favorite fuzzy socks or some jackets. Luckily, you don't have to worry; there are options for getting your winter clothes back to campus.

Ship to School

If you're headed far from home, the best option is Ship to School with CSS. This allows you to get your clothes and anything else you forgot quickly and easily. If you need extra boxes, you can even get a box kit shipped to the home, allowing you to pack more easily. Plus, if you plan right, your items can get to you right before the weather starts getting really cold. The Ship to School program is cost effective, gets you the items you need quickly, and helps you get on with your daily life without worrying about what you forgot at home.


Packing up the items you left behind is easy. If you need boxes, the kit CSS sends will include five large boxes, which should be more than enough to hold all of your favorite cold weather clothes. However, you can also get extra boxes through CSS if you need. Just let them know. Have someone back home simply pack the boxes and schedule a pickup through UPS. It's important to make sure that you have your name and the confirmation number you receive labeled on each box so that it gets to you quickly. Keep in mind that you can also use your own boxes if you want.


If you need your items stored for a while, that's no problem. CSS Ship to School program allows you to store your boxes and have them delivered to your dorm or apartment when you're ready. This is especially helpful if you have realized you left things behind but can't get into your dorm quite yet. CSS has a delivery schedule, allowing you to choose the best day for your delivery. Having the Ship to School program also allows you to get items shipped to the school before you even get there for the new semester.


One of the best parts about the ship to school program is that they not only deliver on campus, but also to off-campus housing. Colleges throughout Boulder, Denver, and a variety of Colorado cities are covered. They'll also work with you to set up a special delivery date or receive custom packages. If you're going to school in Colorado, make sure you find out if you can get Ship to School to come to you. It simply doesn't get any easier when you've left things behind.

Having a quick and easy way to get items you left behind is important. You don't want to have to go out and buy a whole new winter wardrobe when you've got a perfectly good one at your parent's house. Instead, have them ship it to you before it gets too cold outside.

Image via Flickr by Steven DuBois