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How to Soundproof Your Dorm Room

How to Soundproof Your Dorm Room
Everyone knows that dorm rooms can get loud. All the chatter and walking around outside, the neighbors, and all the creaks and groans of the dorm can get a little overwhelming if you're trying to study or sleep. Luckily, there are ways you can go about soundproofing your room that won't go against the dorm rules. Make sure, however, that you know the rules before you take any of these steps. You don't want to end up breaking your contract or getting in trouble.

Add a Carpet

One of the biggest sound conductors in your dorm is the floor. Most dorm rooms are bare floor, without carpet. Even if it has a thin, basic carpet, it's not going to add a lot of sound absorption to the room. You can easily help get rid of the extra sound and add a bit of style to your room at the same time by adding some carpeting to the floor. Even if it is already carpeted, adding an area rug is a great way to cut down on sound.

Decorate the Walls

Put some pictures or decorations on the walls. You can help get rid of sound coming into the room by strategically placing these items near the doors or other noisy areas. If you add a backing filled with newspaper, empty egg cartons, or Styrofoam, this helps soundproof the room even more. While decorating isn't going to completely eliminate all the sounds coming into your room, it can dampen the sounds more than you might think. Plus, you'll get to add some style to your room, like with the rugs.

Place Furniture

As you look around your dorm room, does it look a little bare? The less furniture there is in the room, the more you're going to hear from outside. This is because the furniture helps act as a buffer for the sound waves. However, keep in mind that you don't want to go too far with this. Have enough furniture to keep the sound at a minimum, but you also shouldn't clutter the room with unneeded or unused furniture. Consider a desk, a bedside table, and other furniture items that you'll actually use.

Cover the Windows

If you have windows in your dorm, you're going to want to make sure to cover them properly. Windows are one of the essential considerations when trying to keep out sound. You can get removable coverings that will keep extra sound out, and also help absorb the sounds that come in the room. Weather-protection coverings are made to also help reduce noise. Get thick cloth coverings to help soundproof your room without hurting the walls or windows. Luckily, window coverings can also be easily removed to take with you to a future dorm or apartment.

It's important to remember that when you're soundproofing your dorm, you're not going to be able to get rid of all the sound completely. However, being able to dampen the majority of the noise coming in helps you concentrate a little better and sleep easier.

Image via Flickr by djzippy