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2018 End of the Semester Summer Storage Options

2018 End of the Semester Summer Storage Options
By Michael Shelhamer, Owner of College Student Storage, for the past 22 years. *Note: We get a ton of questions about storage options for students, we wanted to share a perspective in an effort to help guide conversations about decisions on summer storage for students over the summer.

Options for Storage at the End of the Semester

At the end of the school year, students living on campus have to move out of the residence halls. Many parents and families help their student with the move out process. For out of state students, many parents and families fly or drive in to help. This can be very expensive and time consuming. Here are some of the costs out of state parents and families will incur

  1. Flying or driving to Colorado, so airfare or gas money and/or car rentals
  2. Hotel cost and meals
  3. Time off work, or you have to use vacation days
  4. Buying moving supplies
  5. Renting a storage unit, and buying a lock
  6. Moving items out of residence halls and to a storage unit
  7. Doing the whole process again in August when school starts back up

You can see how this process is expensive and exhausting for parents and families. Also, moving out of the residence halls is very stressful on your student during finals even if they have their own vehicle and are going to do it themselves.

Up until now there were 2 main storage options for out of state parents and families to choose from for your student when they move out of their residence hall at the end of the school year. Come do it yourself and rent a storage unit, or hire a traditional moving company.

There are moving and storage businesses that cater directly to college students and their parents and offer numerous services! College Student Storage (CSS) is locally owned and operated here in Colorado, is one of them and has been around for 22 years in Colorado. We includes packing materials (3 different sized boxes- 10 total, tape, poster tube, marker, and tags) delivered ahead of time to signed up students, storage packages to save money, flexibility in storing anything, like plastic containers, skis, furniture, beds, bikes, and even cars. Included insurance, and door-to -door pick up and delivery, whether you live on or off campus, all included for one rate. CSS also offers numerous other services like shipping, car storage, straight moving, freighting, Ikea services, repacking services, hauling services and much more for students. We also own our own moving trucks and hire up to 50 college students as employees through out the summer and the rest of the year. We work with ALL students who live on or off campus through out the summer and the year or who go abroad. Your student’s college career will last 4-5 years, there will be numerous times you or your student may need a service like CSS to help them out.

Beware! There are a few national companies claiming to do what CSS does. These companies are in and out for the quick buck, they are from outside Colorado, and sub contract all there business to local moving companies. They have zero employees in the state. You don’t know who actually has your items. They also charge very high fees if you want your items put in or taken out of storage early from the few select pick up and delivery dates they offer. Some limit on what they will take and store (like not taking furniture). These companies are not around throughout the summer or the rest of the year and offer very limited services. They are just after students moving out of the residence halls for summer break. You don’t know who actually is going to show up and pick up your items! More importantly, you have no idea where ithey are being stored either. They also charge huge special pick up and delivery fees (up to $400) if you ask for your items delivered on a date outside the few they provide.

Hopefully this sheds some light on storage options and some insight into the moving and storage process at the end of the school year.

To connect with CSS about options for your student please call: 303-545-9525/ 888-621-9680. Also you can check out the website and our facebook page with videos.