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4 Ways Student Moving Services Save Parents Time and Money

4 Ways Student Moving Services Save Parents Time and Money
As the parent of a college student, you know summer break is a time of change. 

Whether your student is preparing to move into their first dorm or apartment, or looking to store their stuff before a semester abroad, chances are you’ll be spending at least a day helping them pack and move out.

Every parent knows moving isn’t easy. But it’s even harder when you live out of state. You’ve got to:

  • Book a flight
  • Find a hotel
  • Rent a car and/or moving truck
  • Purchase packing supplies
  • Pack and load up boxes
  • Haul junk to a dump
  • Drive to the new apartment, house, or storage unit
  • Unload and unpack again

You might get tired after just reading all the tasks ahead, let alone embarking on the full-day endeavor.

Then there’s the cost. You could end up spending hundreds on flights, hotels, rentals, packing supplies, and gas — plus the lost income from taking days off to help your student move.

That’s where College Student Storage comes in. From packing to loading, storage to junk removal, we help handle every detail of your student’s move so you don’t have to.

We even bring all our own packing and moving supplies, saving you even more cash. Here are 4 ways our student moving services save college students and their parents time and money.

1. We Protect Your Student’s Valuables

Although it’s generous of your student’s old dorm mate to help with the move, they may not be the most graceful or careful with your student’s stuff.

From packing items into boxes to navigating stairs and crowded parking lots to loading and then unloading the boxes from a car or truck, there are plenty of opportunities for dropping, dragging, and damaging your student’s stuff.

Not to mention more difficult tasks like taking apart your student’s bed or futon and making sure it all gets to the intended destination in one piece — without getting ripped, broken, or dirty.

Moving damage can really add up, especially with expensive items like televisions, laptops, furniture, and kitchen electronics.

At CSS, our professional movers don't take risks with your student’s valuables. From tactfully packing items into boxes to loading, unloading, and unpacking items carefully, we’re trained in treating your valuables with the care they deserve.

That means you and your student can save money on replacing expensive items — and skip out on the extra stress.

2. We Provide All Packing Materials

Moving can be expensive. Packing materials like boxes, tape, poster tubes, mattress covers and labels can add up fast — especially if you only use them once.

But the key to any quick and successful move is organization, so those labels play an important role in keeping your items sorted by room and contents. And you can’t avoid needing boxes and tape.

CSS shows up on the scene with all these materials so you don’t have to shop for them — saving you time and a lot of money. Whether your student needs their items stored or shipped elsewhere, we help make sure your belongings are packed safely and labeled correctly. Prices for our many packing options are listed on our pricing page »

With our packing services, you don’t even need to be home — we’ll go into your on- or off-campus residence and pack your items for moving or shipping in a safe, secure, and organized way.

3. We Help Haul Away Junk

We can’t count how many times we’ve helped college students pack up and move things they don’t really want or need. This can be because the available dumpsters behind their dorm or apartment are already overflowing, or they don’t have the time and resources to take the items to a dump.

This leaves college students (and their parents) with 3 less-than-optimal choices:

  1. You can use your own car to take multiple trips to the dump, which can take time and cost gas money.
  2. You can rent a truck, load it up, and drive to the dump — another time and money pit.
  3. Your student can leave all their unwanted items behind in the overflowing dumpster or in their dorm or apartment, which will likely lead to fines, bad reviews, or even an eviction charge.

Our hauling service helps college students get rid of their unwanted junk before the big move. Instead of renting a truck or taking multiple loads to the dump, we’ll send a crew to your place to take your student’s junk wherever it needs to go.

Whether they’ve got an old couch that needs to go or a closet full of clothes they no longer need, your student can simply schedule a pickup and let us know what needs to go. And we offer these services year-round, not just during moving times.

4. We Offer Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If your student is coming home for the summer or preparing to study abroad, chances are they’ll need a place to store their stuff while they’re

Shopping for a secure storage facility at a distance can be a chore, let alone making sure your student gets all their valuables packed up and delivered safely

Don’t worry about flying all the way out to help your student store their stuff. From providing moving supplies to hauling, storing, and delivering, we’ve got your college student covered.

How it works is simple:

  1. After you or your student signs up, we’ll text or email you to arrange a date to drop off packing supplies like boxes, tape, labels, packing instructions, and a marker.
  2. Set a pickup date for our professional team of movers to collect your student’s belongings and transport them to our warehouse of storage units.
  3. Your student’s belongings will be kept in our climate-controlled storage facility, equipped with motion and camera alarm systems, security gates, and an employee on premise every day of the year.
  4. We’ll deliver your student’s items safely whenever they need it.

Summer is just around the corner. Whether your student is moving out of the dorm, studying abroad, or needs to store all their stuff for summer break, skip the moving stress and sign up for our moving and packing services today »