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Make Summer Storage and Shipping Easy for Your College Freshman

Make Summer Storage and Shipping Easy for Your College Freshman
If your college freshman goes to school out of state, you’re probably excited for them to come home for the summer. Although your college student might already be making plans with their friends back home, you know there are a few important logistics to take care of first — like how your student is going to store or ship their dorm stuff for the summer. 

Helping your student figure out these details can be a challenge. They need to pick up packing materials, box up all their items, rent a truck, find a reputable storage company, make sure they know what to ship vs. store, and more. And if their car is back at home, checking off any of these tasks can be that much harder.

If your college student is preparing to study abroad, they’ve still got the same challenge: deciding what to store, what to ship home, and what to ship to wherever they’re headed. And when trying to help out from a distance, the whole checklist is that much harder.

That’s where College Student Storage comes in. We know that it can be a challenge for your student to move out of a dorm for the first time. From packing and repacking to shipping and storing, we can assist your student every step of the way.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to make summer storage and shipping easy for your college freshman.

Step 1: Packing and Repacking

If your college student is like most, they’re probably new to smart packing procedures. If not done right, things like electronics and other valuables can get damaged in transit back home or to storage.

And if your student is a regular outdoor enthusiast, they may be wondering how to disassemble things like bikes, skis, snowboards, and skateboards before they get shipped home or put into storage.

Our professional movers can help take the guess work out of proper packing. Whether your student needs help with the initial pack or are looking for a repack with the right box size and packing materials, we’ve got it covered.

How it works:

  1. Our packers will show up at your student’s residence. Your student will let us know which items need packing, which boxes need repacking at our storage warehouse, and which are ready for shipping or storage. Your student doesn’t even have to be home when we get there — just make sure they’ve labeled everything clearly so we know what to ship, store, pack, or repack.
  2. We prepare all your student’s valuables with bubble wrap, and carefully move all boxes into the truck or storage unit. We’ve helped college students safely pack fragile items and large bulk items like bikes, computers, TVs, speakers, and furniture. This means less stress and greater peace of mind for both you and your student — not to mention saving money on replacing valuable items.
  3. If needed, we professionally repack all items at our warehouse before shipping or storage. We make sure everything is packed securely with bubble wrap, and is placed in the correct box size to reduce the risk of damage. We also double box for extra protection.

Step 2: Shipping

Remember that outdoor gear we mentioned? Chances are, your student wants to use some of that this summer. But shipping a bike home and back to school again in the fall isn’t exactly an easy feat (anyone got a bike-shaped box?)

On top of that, if your student packs any of their items incorrectly, UPS will deny any damage claims to these items — even with insurance on them. That’s what makes proper packing so important in ensuring your student’s belongings arrive safely and securely.

When it comes to larger items like beds, couches, and futons, freighting is usually the cheapest option. However, most freight companies don't help with moving. That means your college students needs to figure out how to move these large items themselves before getting them freighted.

At CSS, we do it all — packing, repacking, shipping, moving and freighting. Whether your student is headed home for the summer, going abroad, or needs help shipping items back to school in the fall, we’ve got shipping options that fit every arrangement.

How it works:

  1. CSS employees will arrive at your student’s dorm with boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, and safely pack all items that need to be shipped. We have the correct size boxes for TVs, skis, bikes, snowboards, skateboards and more. We can even make or order boxes for custom or odd-shaped items.
  2. We automatically put $500 of insurance from UPS on every item we ship. We can also put a higher amount of insurance on any item you want — just let us know.
  3. For large items like furniture, we can help your student move these items out and get packed up before freighting. A few details about our freighting services:
    • Freighting delivery usually takes up to 2 weeks from the time we pick it up.
    • CSS can freight anything except cars. However, you can have items or a car freighted to our warehouse where we can store them for a period of time then deliver them to your new residence when you need them.
  4. Student already out of state? Not a problem — we can arrive at your student’s address and pack and ship or freight items for them. And if it turns out your student actually needs that road bike for an outing tomorrow, we’ve even got overnight shipping options.
  5. Once fall rolls around, we can ship a box kit to your house so your student can ship their items back to school. You schedule a pick up at your home through UPS online. UPS picks up your student’s items and ships them to our office. We store them in our warehouse and then deliver them to you when you arrive at school. It’s that easy.

Step 3: Storage

Before your college student tries to ship home winter clothes, furniture, and the school supplies they’ll need next semester, stop them in their tracks with our easy summer storage services.

For most college students, leaving their car at their dorm or in front of their apartment all summer isn’t an option. And even if it is, prolonged street parking isn’t the safest idea (we’ve seen some cringe-worthy damage done to cars at night in college towns). Not to mention the exposure to the elements.

From electronics to furniture to cars, we store it all in our climate-controlled storage facility, so you don’t have to worry about any of your belongings enduring extreme temperatures.

How it works:

  1. We deliver packing supplies to your college student that includes boxes (up to 12 boxes at 3 different sizes), tape, labels, tags, marker, and a poster tube.
  2. Even if your student’s items don’t go in a box, we can store it. Plastic containers, bikes, skis, rugs, TVs, snowboards, furniture — even cars.
  3. We pick up your student’s items at their dorm or off-campus residence and bring them to our storage facility. When school rolls around in the fall, we deliver your student’s items to their new address, on or off campus.
  4. If you want us to store your student’s vehicle over the summer, we’ll pick it up from your student’s address and take it to our secure storage facility. Safety is our name — the facility is monitored by motion sensor cameras, an alarm system, a security gate, and an employee is on premises every day throughout the year. We also disconnect the battery for the entire duration of the storage period to save the life of the battery. Just make sure your college student leaves proof of car insurance in the vehicle.

Summer break is a time for you and your college student to reunite, relax, and recharge. Let us take care of the dirty work associated with packing, shipping, and storing your college student’s stuff — it’s our job, and we love it.

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