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Is Your College Student Caught Between Leases?

Is Your College Student Caught Between Leases?
Summer is here, finals are over, and your college student has all their belongings packed up and ready to move to their new apartment.

Then they look at their new lease...and realize they’ve got several weeks until they can move in. Whoops.

Most college students get out for the summer by late May. But if your student is moving into a new house or apartment, many new leases don’t start again until closer to the fall semester.

If your college student is caught in a lurch between leases, don’t panic. Although it’s true they’ll need to find somewhere to stay (like a friend’s place or a parent’s couch, wink wink), College Student Storage can help your student move, store, and ship their valuables in the meantime. So your student can focus on finding a place to live until their next lease, without all the extra baggage.

From packing to storing to shipping, here are 3 ways College Student Storage can help your student if they’re stuck between leases this summer.

We Help Pack & Move Their Stuff

Maybe your college student didn’t get as far as we mentioned earlier — maybe instead of being all packed up and ready to move, they’re surrounded by piles of clothes, furniture, and electronics — and are struggling to figure out where to start.

Before you drive across the state or fly across the country to help them out, College Student Storage can help get your student’s stuff all packed up.

We bring the boxes, tape, poster tubes, labels, and other moving materials to safely and securely store your student’s belongings. And if your student’s busy with summer classes, sports, or on a trip, they don’t need to be home for us to help pack up their belongings.

From bikes to televisions to furniture, our team of professional movers can help disassemble, pad, and carefully pack your student’s valuables with the care they deserve. From here, they can choose which boxes get moved, which get put into storage, and/or which get shipped.

If your student needs some or all their items moved to wherever they’re staying this summer, we’ll move and help unpack their valuables at the new location.

We Help Store for Summer (or Longer)

If your student is staying at a temporary spot over the summer until their fall lease kicks in, chances are they’ll have at least a few boxes they would rather store than move twice.

We can store whatever your student doesn’t need over the summer in our secure, climate-controlled storage units. Storing things like their winter clothes, ski gear, furniture, bikes, or their car can save your student a lot of money to ship or freight those items home. Not to mention the time and energy it takes to move those unused items twice — once out of their May lease location, and again from their summer arrangement.

Once the fall rolls around, if it turns out your college student wants to store those items for longer or have us ship them home, that’s no problem.

Plus, we customize our quotes so your student only pays for the space they need. Learn more about our summer storage pricing here »

We Help Ship

Maybe your student snagged a room at a friend’s house or an Airbnb until their next lease starts. And maybe after assessing the items that they want to move and store, they’ve found a few things they’d like to ship home or to their fall lease location.

For fragile items like electronics, it’s important that your student get their things packed safely and securely. And if your student packs any of their items incorrectly, UPS will deny damage claims to these items — even with insurance on them.

After helping your student pack up, we can ship or freight anything they need. We automatically put $500 of insurance from UPS on every item we ship (or higher — just let us know).

Once fall rolls around, we can send a box kit to you or your student to reship their items to their new fall lease location. You schedule a pick up at your home through UPS online. Learn more about our college student shipping prices here »

To ship big items like a bed, couch, or a car, your student may need to look into freighting. Most freight companies don't help with moving, meaning your college student would have to figure out how to move large items themselves before getting them freighted.

At CSS, we do it all — packing, repacking, shipping, moving and freighting. Whether your student is headed home for the summer or couch surfing until the fall, we can make sure their things are safely shipped wherever they need to go.

Although our college students are more independent than they’ve ever been, they still need help problem solving from time to time. Getting stuck between spring and fall leases can be stressful. At CSS, we’re happy to help take some of that stress of your college student’s shoulders (and your own!)

Before your student decides what to put into summer storage, make sure they know what should and shouldn’t go into storage »