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7 Cheap Dorm Storage Hacks Every Freshman Needs to Know

7 Cheap Dorm Storage Hacks Every Freshman Needs to Know
Moving into your college dorm is both exciting and challenging. It’s exciting because you get to meet your new roomie, who will hopefully be your first good friend in college. But it’s challenging because you’ve got to learn how to live with a new person in a small space. 

Besides getting along, one of the biggest struggles when you move into the dorm is keeping your belongings organized. And with so little space to work with, you’ve got to get creative to keep your clothes, books, toiletries, and electronics tidy yet accessible for everyday use.

You don’t need to drop a bunch of dough to buy a bunch of organizational furniture or brand new wall hangings. With a little creativity, you can have a clean and tidy dorm room on a budget — so you can save that cash for something more fun.

From rolling your clothes to using shower curtain rings to save space in your closet, here are 7 genius dorm room storage hacks every college freshman needs to know.

1. Get Thrifty


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After pounding that energy drink during your next all-nighter, save the top of the can for this creative closet hanger hack.

Fit one hole of the can top around the top of one hanger, and fit another hanger through the other hole in the can top to fit twice the amount of hangers in your closet. Whoever discovered this hack must have been pumped up on a LOT of energy drinks.

2. Get Cookin’

Most dorm rooms allow you to set up a few kitchenette items like a mini fridge, microwave, or coffeemaker. Create a mini moving kitchen station by using a rolling utility cart where you can keep appliances and other kitchen items together. Roll it out of the way when you have guests, or bring it out to the common area for an impromptu movie night (popcorn, anyone?)

You can also add storage baskets to the cart so you can keep all your snacks, coffee, and utensils organized, too.

3. Get Caddy

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No, we don’t mean starting a fight with your roomie because you keep finding her hair all over the rug. We mean save space on a bedside table by ordering a mattress caddy!

Secure this baby between your mattress and box-spring and keep everything you need at arm’s length without a bulky bedside table. Phone, glasses, books, tissues, you name it — there are several different styles on the market, and most for a fraction of the price of a bedside table.

4. Get Rolling


...And by that we mean your clothes (no funny ideas). You can save space in your dresser drawers by rolling your clothes tightly instead of folding and stacking them. This unique technique allows you to store twice as many shirts and pants in a single drawer, all while helping to prevent wrinkles, too.

5. Get Organized



Whether your roomie is using your shared bathroom or you want to skip the communal bathroom line before class, having a place to keep all your styling tools organized is a must.

Store tools like brushes, curling irons, hair straighteners, hairspray and other products in magazine boxes. When you’re not using them, simply put the magazine box on your dresser or in your closet.

6. Get Creative with Binder Clips

Binder clips can be a friend to more than just that messy stack of papers shoved in your binder (when are those assignments due, anyway?) They’re a cheap solution for keeping all your electronic cords organized on your desk or nightstand.

Add a few binder clips on the back or side of your desk, and thread the chargers through the loop to keep cords accessible and organized. And voilà! — not only are you the tidiest dorm mate in town, but you’re saving money on cords getting tangled and mangled.

7. Get Crafty with Shower Curtain Rings

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Whether you’ve got more snapbacks than you can count or a scarf in every color of the rainbow, save precious drawer space and pick up a pack of plastic shower curtain rings.

These are both inexpensive and incredibly effective ways to keep your bulkier accessories organized. Hang a handful or more of the curtain rings on the bottom of a clothes hangar, then hang your hats or scarves on the rings.

When all else fails, you can always put your extra stuff into storage to save space. Once fall hits, you can store your swimsuits, shorts, or skateboard, and keep them all out of the way until next spring.

If you discover you just brought too much stuff when you moved in, you can ship some items home with our college student shipping services.

Before you decide what to put into storage, make sure you know what should and shouldn’t go into storage »