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Studying Abroad? Here's How to Store Your Stuff

Studying Abroad? Here's How to Store Your Stuff
For many college students, studying abroad is a dream come true. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see new sites and immerse yourself in another culture — and not just for a week or two on vacation, but for an entire semester. 

One downside to studying abroad? Figuring out what to do with all your stuff while you’re gone.

You can probably take your clothes, your laptop, and maybe some books with you. Everything else — your bed, couch, TV, stereo, video games, lamps, end tables, bookshelves, instruments, and your car — have to stay behind.

It’s likely you won’t be paying rent for an entire semester here at home, so you won’t have a dorm, apartment, or space in a fraternity or sorority house to keep your stuff. And moving it all back to your parents’ house isn’t ideal, especially because you’re going to need your stuff when you get back from your semester abroad.

The most convenient way to deal with your belongings when you study abroad is to store it.

If you go to school on the Front Range in Colorado, storing your stuff safely means storing it with College Student Storage. From CU Boulder and Naropa to CSU, School of Mines, and University of Denver, we’re the go-to storage solution for Colorado’s college students.

The Benefits of Storing with CSS During Your Semester Abroad

The benefits of storing your stuff with CSS when you study abroad include:

  1. We provide you with boxes, labels, tape, poster tubes and other materials for you to pack up all of your smaller belongings.
  2. Our climate-controlled warehouses keep your valuables in good condition for extended periods of time.
  3. Our storage facilities are alarmed with cameras and motion sensors, protecting your belongings from theft or damage.
  4. CSS staff (made of current and former CU and CSU students) will come and pick up everything for you, both on and off campus.
  5. CSS can store larger items, like furniture, skis, and even your car.
  6. If you’re studying abroad in the spring and won’t be back on campus until the end of summer, we can provide summer break storage as well.
  7. College Student Storage can save you and your parents time and money — they won’t have to travel to your school to help you move, get a hotel while they’re here, rent a car in town, take you out to dinner (okay, that part wouldn’t be so bad), the list goes on.
    Alternatively, you won’t have to drive everything back to their house or shop for and buy your own packing supplies, move everything to a storage locker on your own, etc.
  8. When you get back from your semester abroad, we’ll deliver everything to your new address.

How Abroad Semester Storage with CSS Works

If you’re interested in storing with CSS during your semester abroad, here’s how the process works:

  1. Contact us to arrange your storage details.
  2. We’ll give you boxes and other supplies to make packing up easy.
  3. We’ll come pick up everything so you can focus on planning your semester abroad (not to mention final exams here in Colorado).
  4. You travel abroad without a care in the world, knowing your belongings are safe and secure in our storage facilities.
  5. When you’re planning to return to school in Colorado, send us your new address and move-in date and we’ll arrange to have everything delivered to your new home for you. Easy!

Abroad Semester College Student Storage Pricing

Pricing varies based on how much stuff you need to store and where you live.

Generally, though, on-campus and Greek housing students can expect to pay about $300 to $400 for a semester of storage. For off-campus students, the price is generally $650 to $750 per semester.

Those prices usually cover a room of furniture (bed, couch, etc.), boxes for your belongings, and pick-up and delivery fees.

If you’re a college student needing to store your car in Colorado, there’s a separate fee of $1285 per semester (about $250 a month). That may seem like a lot, but there are a few perks that make it well worth it:

  • You can fill your car with items that you want to store for no extra fee.
  • We will pick up and deliver your car before and after storage.
  • We can even deliver your car out-of-state if you aren’t returning to college here in Colorado after your semester abroad.
  • Your car will be safe and protected from the elements in our climate-controlled facility.

Plan for Your Semester Abroad with College Student Storage

Overwhelmed with school, work, and planning for an entire semester in a new country? Let CSS check at least one thing off your list.

Contact us today to finalize your abroad semester storage plans »