School of Mines Schedule

       Colorado School of Mines 2016 Pick up Schedule

  • Last day of classes is Thursday, May 4th
  • Finals are from Saturday, May 6th through Thursday, May 11th
  • Residence halls close Friday, May 12th at noon 

Colorado School of Mines Box Delivery Dates

  • Sunday, April 30th from 11am-2pm
  • Saturday, May 7th from 11am-2pm

These are the 2 days when we will be delivering boxes, tape, packaging supplies, labels, markers and a poster tube to all signed up Mines students. Students will pick out their storage packages at this time or what ever boxes (3 different sizes), tape, and packaging supplies they need for storage or shipping services or both. Students can take up to 10 boxes of any size.

Colorado School of Mines Box Delivery Schedule

If you are signed up, we will come to your residence and call or text your cell phone when we are there. You will come down to our truck and meet us.

Mines students that will not be around on these 2 box delivery days or live off campus, if you email us ahead of time, we will leave boxes, tape, poster tube and packaging supplies at the office of your residence hall or at your off campus residence. Please email us ahead of time if you want us to do this for you. Or you can have a friend or roommate come and pick them up from us.
We can ship you a box kit anytime for an additional $35. It takes 3-4 days to arrive. Includes 10 boxes (4 lg, 3 med, 3 small), tape and a poster tube.

Need more boxes? Sign up late? If you sign up last minute and miss the 2 box days or just need more boxes and tape, follow the pick up schedule below to meet us at ANY location on campus to get boxes, tape, and a poster tube.


Storage customers: WE CAN STORE ANYTHING (INCLUDING VEHICLES), IT DOES NOT NEED TO GO IN A BOX! Any items like bikes, skis, snowboards, futons, all furniture, plastic containers (pack em full of stuff), desk chairs, lamps etc. do not need to be boxed, they are fine the way they are! We can all items, they do not need to be in a box! All flat screen TV's must be boxed, or we will encased them in cardboard for you at our warehouse. there is a charge for this.

  • Shipping customers: WE CAN SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! We will have bubble wrap available. Any items that do not fit in our boxes and you want shipped, just give them to us the way they are and we will re-pack them at our warehouse and then ship them for you. We repack and ship alot of Bikes and Flat Screen TV's for students!
  • Both Summer Storage and Shipping Services: Many students use both, our shipping and summer storage services at the same time!! Just label and tell us which items you want shipped and which ones you want stored, its that simple!
  • Pick ups on multiple days: It is not a problem to pick up items from you on 2 different days as long as you follow the pick up schedule below.
  • Do not store food: Please do not store any food with your items. Canned food is ok, other than that, please throw it away. It will draw insects and critters into your boxes.
  • Return Unused Boxes: Students can take as many boxes as they want. Students that do not return any unused boxes when we pick up their items will be charged for them

Please watch repacking and labeling videos on our website to understand and know how to pack and label your items correctly

Colorado School of Mines-Pick Up Dates

  • Saturday, May 7th from 11am-2pm (call/ email the office to set up)
  • Wednesday, May 10th from 10am-5pm
  • ***Anytime After May 11th (Provide info on the online sign up form)

If you would like a special pick up After May 10th, the special pick up charge is $125. You need to email or call the office ahead of time to set up. All special pick ups are based upon our availability.

Colorado School of Mines-Pick Up Schedule

View/Download the Pickup Map

We will be following the pick up schedule listed below for Wednesday, May 11th. You need to be downstairs and ready to go at the beginning of your pick up time and at the designated pick up location for your residence hall (listed below). It is critical that you be there at the beginning of their pick-up time. It is fine for you to have a friend give us your storage and or shipping items if you have a final. Also we will have extra boxes, tape, and packaging supplies on our truck if needed.

  • Randall Hall • 10 am-10:30 am • In front of hall facing West Campus ave
  • Bradford Hall- • 10:30 am-11 am • In front of hall facing West Campus ave
  • Thomas Hall • 11 am-11:30 am • In front of hall facing West Campus ave
  • Morgan Hall • 11:30 am-Noon • In front of hall facing West Campus ave
  • Maple Hall • Noon -12:30 pm • On sidewalk on corner of Maple and 17th st.
  • Elm Hall • 12:30 pm - 1 pm • Out on sidewalk on Maple st. facing Weaver towers
  • Weaver Towers • 1-1:30 pm • Out front In parking lot facing Elm St
  • Aspen Hall • 1:30 -2 pm • Out in front of hall facing Elm St.
  • Mines Sororities and Fraternities- • 2-3 pm • Bring your items down to the lobby, you do not need to be there, We will text you when CSS picks up your storage and shipping items ( We will be stopping by each house)
  • Mines Park Students/Off Campus- • 2-3pm pm We will call or text you when we are on the way to your residence. We will come to your apartment and get your storage and shipping items.
  • Again, furniture is no problem!

We can move, store or ship ANYTHING through out the year for you!

School of Mines Delivery Schedule for Summer Storage Customers

Residence halls open for returning students- Saturday, August 19th

Classes begin Tuesday, August 21st

2 Delivery dates available

  • Sunday, August 13th -2-5pm
  • Saturday, August 19th-2-5pm

Please email us the following information no later than August 1st to We will confirm your email.

  1. Please include your full name and confirmation #
  2. The name of your new off campus address or residence hall
  3. Your new address
  4. Your apartment # or room #
  5. Pick one of the 2 delivery dates available**(listed above)
  6. Any special instructions

We will confirm your email with a follow up email. If you don't recieve a conformation email from us, we didnt get your delivery info.


Special Delivery Rates: If you would like a special delivery outside the 2 deliver ydates listed above, the special delivery rate is $125 and is based on availability. You need to email or call the office ahead of time to set up.

All deliveries are from 2-5pm both days. We will do our best to try to get all deliveries done as early as possible. We do not set up exact delivery times! Your delivery will be on the day that you ask from 2-5pm. If you like, please call or email the office on the day of your delivery after noon for a estimated delivery time that day. You, a friend, a roommate, landlord or parent will need to be at your new residence to sign for your items or we will not deliver them.

**Please get us your delivery info no later than August 1st!**

We understand that many of you will not know where you are moving or when you are coming back to Golden until later in the summer or last minute. This is fine and we understand! Please email us your delivery information asap "if" later than August 1st.

If you need an extra semester of storage, no problem, just let us know.

We also understand that some of you may not come into Golden until later in the afternoon on the day you want your items delivered back to you. Please let us know and we will try to work with you on an afternoon delivery.

All deliveries are to the ground floor of any address we deliver to. If you want items taken up or down stairs you will be charged a moving fee. Our moving fee is $35 for every 15 minutes. We go extremely fast.

You want to meet us at our warehouse to pick up your items there will be a $40 warehousing fee for this service. You need to email or call the office ahead of time to set up. All warehouse pick ups are based upon our availability and you need to be on time of what ever time we set up to meet you.

All storage is paid up through the first day of classes, after that you will be charged a surcharge of $25 per week for extra storage time for the 1st month, after that, you will be charged storage for another semester. Again it is not a problem to store items for an extra semester(s), just let us know. 

Relax, we've got it!


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