If you need our services we are here for you all Summer long! Short-term Storage between leases, Ship to School services, Summer or Semester storage, Shipping items home, and Moving and or Hauling services are our most popular. "Relax, We got it!"


Colorado State University CSU Summer Schedule

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Box Delivery Schedule

Most of our services come with a Box kit delivered to you ahead of time.

Each Box kit contains 4 LG boxes, 3 med boxes, 3 small boxes, a Roll of Tape, Sticker labels for your printer, Tie tags, and a marker.

You can pick up your box kit at the Trek Bike Shop North at 202 Laurel st, next to the train tracks on the Northside of Campus. Go in and tell the people at the service counter you are a signed-up CSS customer they will give you your box kit.  NOTE!- The Trek Bike store is helping us out. Please be respectful to them. Also, they cannot answer any of your questions, you need to call the office! You should Also call them first to make sure box kits are available, they go through them pretty fast. Their number is 970-482-6006.

We can also deliver these kits directly to you you. We do Box kit deliveries on Mondays throughout the Summer. If you are not home, We will leave a box kit at your front door.

If you have a bed, we will bring mattress covers with us and put them on your bed for you. 

We also have Bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, and LG and XL Tv boxes if you need them. 



Off-Campus Pickup Schedule


All summer long-Special pick up  – Any day, including weekends. (Except for Holidays) Our daily pick times are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day throughout the summer. Please fill out the signup form online . You can indicate the day and a two-hour window you would like us to show up. All Special pickups are $75


We can move, store or ship ANYTHING throughout the year for you!


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