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University of Colorado Coronavirus Update March 26th 

If we have already picked up your items please disregard this updated schedule and also any emails between now and school letting out. I'm sorry but you're on a generic email list for all signed up customers who are signed up this year, please disregard.
This is Michael, owner of College Student Storage, CU Boulders preferred Summer Storage and Shipping provider for On and Off-campus Students. I wanted to let you know we now working with CU Boulder Housing to do in-room pack ups or pickups for on-campus University of Colorado students and parents who have items left in the residence halls. I know many of you don't want to travel back to Colorado to pack up your dorm rooms with the Coronavirus epidemic going on.
IN-ROOM PACK UPS - The process
We finally got the green light from CU housing to do in-room pack ups. We will be providing a list of CU students and parents that want us to do these in-room pickups.
Here is the pickup process:
CU parent/ students needs to submit the form to CU housing that COLLEGE STUDENT STORAGE is authorized to do an in-room pack up/ pick up for them
We need to tell CU student housing the name of the student, residence hall and room # for each student that wants an in-room to pick up or pack up.
Names sent in on Tuesday will be picked up Thursday.
Names sent on Thursday will be picked up the following Tuesday.
Housing is saying we can only send one crew of 4 employees on campus on each pickup day.
all pickups will be from 10 am- 4 pm on each scheduled day.
COLLEGE STUDENT STORAGE will be doing CU Boulder In-Room Pack Ups Every Tuesday and Thursday From now until School ends and halls close on May 8th
When we do in-room pick ups we will bring boxes ( 3 different sizes), bubble wrap, tape and dollies to the student's room and pack up student's residence hall room.
We can either pack items up for Summer storage or Shipping or both
We will facetime with each student and or parent while packing up the room.
We also have custom boxes for TV's and have bubble wrap and can store or ship them.
We can take posters and TV mounts off walls and pack them up.
We do not pack up ANY food. It will be thrown out.
We can pack up laundry detergent and bathroom products.
We will pack up fragile items in bubble wrap and or student bedding etc.
We will unplug and empty dorm fridges and defrost at our warehouse
We will use any plastic bins in the room and pack the full and taped shut and label
We will throw away all garbage leftover in the room and take it to the dumpster. 
We will ship anything for the student if they need us to UPS ground with $500 of insurance on each item shipped
We will repack TV's, Bikes, etc... for shipping at our warehouse in custom boxes
We can store your car if you left it at school, indoors for the summer.
Once we pack up a room, we will take a picture of the inventory and send it to the student via text. 
All items will be moved from the residence hall room to our truck to our climate-controlled storage facility, put on pallets, and shrink wrapped for the summer.
Pricing for In-Room Pack Ups/ Summer Storage/ Shipping Services
Prices for in-room pack ups are $140 an hour, 2-hour minimum for 3 employees to pack up, labeling and move items to our truck and throwing away garbage. Packing supplies are included. Custom TV boxes are $20 extra. (If your student hardly has anything in the room, we will work with you on in-room packing price) Then the cost of summer storage and or shipping. These prices are located on our website under the storage/shipping links at the top of the home page.
Delivery in August to all summer storage customers is included. 
CSS is a door to door service, we will deliver all storage items to CU students in August before school starts, wherever they live on or off-campus on any day, including weekends. That schedule is listed at the bottom of the page. 
CU Boulder Residence Hall Pickups for Packed Up Rooms
Students and parents pack up the room, and leave items in the room labeled. We will come on Tuesdays and Thursdays and pick up everything, you don't need to be there. 
We will facetime with you or your students while we do your pick up
Send you a text picture of the inventory after it's all picked up
Move items from room to our truck to our climate-controlled warehouse where it will go on pallets and be shrink-wrapped.
We can do shipping and storage or both for you. 
**We don't store garbage bags of items, they will be repacked and the customer will be charged. 
If you need boxes and tape to pack up, read below where to get them, they are included with your $45 deposit.
Students/parents are responsible for throwing away garbage and taking items off the wall and "cleaning up the room" We are there just to move packed items into storage and or ship them.
**We don't store garbage bags of items, they will be repacked into boxes and customer will be charged
We will repack your TV for you if you can't find a TV box or don't have one. $50 charge for custom Tv box and repacking it with bubble 
Pricing In-Room Pick Ups/ Summer Storage/ Shipping Services
In-Room pick up of packed up items for storage or shipping is $50
Then the cost of summer storage and or shipping. These prices are located on our website under the storage/shipping links at the top of the home page.
Delivery in August to all summer storage customers is included.
Boxes and Tape are included- Read below on how to get them.
We can store anything, it doesn't have to go in a box! Bikes, dorm fridges, office chairs, bean bag chairs, rugs, carts, plastic containers ( pack full and taped shut).. are fine the way they are and do not need to go in a box. 
We can do the same thing for you above as we are doing for CU Boulder on-campus students with in-room pack ups anytime between now and school letting out and all summer long if you don't want to return to Boulder because of the coronavirus
For students staying in Boulder until school ends in Mid May and live off-campus- We will post our normal box delivery and pick up schedule for CU off-campus students in mid-April for students that are staying until the end of Classes in mid- May. Don't worry, we will be doing pickups any day you want in Mid May during finals week and all summer long.
We can do summer storage, shipping, car storage, and moving and numerous other services for you.
 Boxes and Tape for Signed up CSU CSS customers On or Off-campus
You have 2 options:
1. We can deliver a box kit and tape to your residence ( on or off campus) from now till school lets out if you request it on the signup form online.
2. Pick them up -Location on the Hill next to CU campus to be determined soon, this will be updated within a week or two. You'll be able to go to a location on the hill and pick up and box kit and tape yourself

 ALL SIGNED UP CU Boulder Parents and Students: 

We are going to keep you updated with emails to signed up parents and students, Instagram (collegestudentstorage), CSS Facebook page post. 
Dan and I are here every day dealing with this crisis at all 8 of the colleges CSS provides services at. CU Boulder is our top priority because we are located here in Boulder and hire all CU Boulder students as our employees. Ideally, if you need to reach us, email works best, we are getting crushed on the phones. I know you all have questions and concerns, we're working hard on answering the phones and emails with your questions. We are here all Spring and Summer long to field your emails and phone calls. Understand WE ARE READY TO HELP YOU and have all the logistics in place. We both have been doing this for 24 years! You're in good hands. We are working on this on a daily basis and trying to figure out what schedule will work best for you and our staff ( they still have classes). The best thing you can do is sign up at and register if you haven't done so and need our services. That way you’ll receive our email updates. It’s a $45 deposit. If you don’t use our services, the $45 will be refunded to you.
PLEASE- I am a small, local, family-run business and I could always use your help with referrals and trying to get CU Boulder to work with us this year and in the future. On-Campus students if we do a good job please let CU housing know, over the past 10 years they will not even mention our company in any emails or their website as an option for CU students and parents that need summer storage or shipping services. We are located right here in Boulder and I am a CU alum. If you know other CU students or parents that need our services, this year in particular, please let them know about CSS!  We can help them out. 
We can help out ANY CU student who lives on or off-campus, ANY DAY, from now throughout the rest of the semester and all summer long. Please register online at and put what you need in the notes box on the signup form. Parents were here for you and pack up off-campus apartments, houses or rooms and On-campus residence hall rooms for your student if you don't want them coming back to Boulder. Call or email us to discuss or sign up online.


We can move, store or ship ANYTHING throughout the year for you!

CU-Boulder Delivery Schedule for All Summer Storage Customers 


Don’t worry about delivery info until July, we want to get you all picked up first and we can worry about delivery later. We just want you to know, we have you covered!

About CU & Our Services

Boulder is one of Colorado's most bustling cities, so it's no surprise that students flock there to receive a world-class education. The university's setting offers the benefits of picturesque mountain views with the learning and career opportunities offered by proximity to a major city. Students can easily reach downtown Denver or Rocky Mountain National Park within a short drive. In the immediate area, there is a mix of trails through the Flatirons for those who want an outdoorsy experience. For shopping, dining, and entertainment, students can visit Pearl Street Mall and other popular areas in downtown Boulder, which is only one mile from CU-Boulder's campus.

Over 30,000 degree-seeking students are enrolled at CU-Boulder, making it one of the largest colleges in the state. The college offers more than 3,600 courses in 150 fields of study and boasts the number one four-year graduation rate among all Colorado public universities. A number of hands-on research and leadership opportunities are available for students. Meanwhile, enrichment programs make it possible for undergrads to explore their interests beyond the classroom through study abroad, service-learning and other programs.

CU-Boulder's campus and the surrounding community have helped Boulder achieve the title of the number one college town in America. With more than 450 student clubs and organizations, countless community service projects, and many sporting events, students are never at a loss for things to do on campus. When students want to explore beyond the school grounds, Boulder's 43,000 acres of open space and more than 80 miles of pedestrian and bike paths make it easy to explore the area's offerings.

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder benefit greatly from a school that combines the offerings of a busy city with the beauty and active opportunities of lush natural landscapes. Meanwhile, the school's academic programs make it easy for students to get an excellent education.

Services we offer at CU Boulder:

We offer lots of services that are perfect if you live in the dorms or off-campus. If you don't see something you need listed below, call 303-545-9525 or email the office, chances are we can help you out!

For all storage, moving and shipping services: We will deliver boxes, tape, and packaging supplies to your off-campus residence ahead of time if you need them. We also have mattress covers for your beds and futons!

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