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University of Colorado Boulder CU Boulder Delivery Schedule

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For Summer Storage customers our delivery dates are:

ALL SUMMER LONG through August 20th 

We will not be doing ANY deliveries on July 4th and 5th, Sunday, August 21st, or Monday, August 22nd. Our employees need rest and to get ready for classes.

Classes Begin - Monday, August 22nd

CU Residence Halls Open - Thursday, August 18th 

CU Orientation dates are Thursday, August 18th - Saturday, August 20th

1. Please go to our homepage and click on your school icon and read the delivery schedule page and the delivery dates and times for your school.

2. Select one of the delivery dates that are available up above.

3. Login in to your account no later than (August 1st if you can) and update your delivery info.

4. Make sure to add in any special instructions if you need to in the notes box. 

5. The day before your delivery you will receive a text confirming your delivery for the following day.

6. Be patient were coming. Our employees will call or text when on the way to your residence on the day of your delivery.

7. All our employees are college students, if they do a good job and get you all your things back to you with our forgetting anything, please tip them, they work hard and can use the $$$. Thank you.

We offer special deliveries after August 22nd. The cost is $75 and is based on availability. Call or email the office to set up.

All deliveries are to the ground floor of any residence hall, apartment complex, or house. Any delivery past the ground floor is an additional moving fee of $50 for every 20-minutes.


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Important Delivery Information


**Please get us your delivery info no later than August 1st!  **

Please go to our website and click on your school icon and read the delivery schedule for your school. We offer limited dates and you need to pick a day that is available for your school.

You need to log in to your account and put in your new address, name of the apartment complex you live in,  apartment number, and pick the day you would like your delivery,  You can choose AM ( (9 am-12:30 pm, or PM ( 1pm-5:30 pm)or anytime (9 am-5:30 PM)

Please include any notes in the delivery notes box that will be helpful to our crews

Please note: All student accounts will be locked 48 hours before your delivery. If you log in and try to put in a delivery date 48 hours from when you log in to your account our system will reject your info you won't be able to do it. You need to call the office and deliveries are based on availability. Please don't wait till the last minute. We are extremely busy.

You can log in to your account as many times as you want and change your delivery info up to 48 hours of your delivery.

All our employees are current college students. Please we ask that if they bring you all your items and do a good job, please tip them. These kids work extremely hard, day after day in high heat, and move a ton of stuff up and down stairs. Please be nice to them and understand they are college kids and can really use the extra money, so tips are very appreciated. They are doing their best.

Note: DO NOT TIP OUR CREWS if they do not bring you all your items. Make sure to get the name and number of the crew chief and make sure that he follows up with you and gets your missing item delivered if they forgot an item. Yes, it happens every now and then. If they don't, call the office and make sure to tell Dan or me who delivered your stuff so we can follow up on it.

You will receive a text the night before your delivery confirming it for the following day. If you don't get a text, you didn't get your delivery info in or you put it in wrong. Be aware of this.

On the day of your delivery, our crews will call or text you when on the way. If you have errands to run or want to get breakfast or lunch, do it! Try to stay about 15 minutes from your place so you can come back and meet our crews if they call or text you they are on the way.

If you are coming back before August 1st, please try to give us a week's heads up before you want your items.

All deliveries are from 9:30 am-5:30 pm each day. We will do our best to try to get all deliveries done as early as possible. We do not set up exact delivery times! Your delivery will be on the day that you ask from 9:30 am-5:30 pm.

We understand that some of you may not come into Boulder until later in the afternoon on the day you want your items delivered back to you. Please let us know and we will try to work with you on an afternoon delivery.

If an item of yours goes missing, you have to give us some time. We ask that before we pay out on a lost item you give us up to 1 week after school starts. The reason for this is the warehouse will empty out and your missing item will appear. The main reason an item goes "missing" is the label fell off. Don't worry, I will pay out for missing items if you don't get them back, but your gonna have to be patient! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we are dealing with thousands of items, it happens, it's not personal. Trust me we want you to get everything back you gave us for Summer storage. 

Please- Be patient! We are trying to get the deliveries done as fast as we can. If you like, please call or email the office on the day of your delivery after 10 am for an estimated delivery time. You, a friend, a roommate, a landlord, or a parent will need to be at your new residence to sign for your items or we will not deliver them.

The earlier days in August that you want your items dropped off, the better chance you have of getting items earlier in the day. ***During the last 10 days of summer break before CU classes begin, we are extremely busy and may not be able to accommodate you on the day you want your items delivered if you tell us at the last minute. To avert this, get your delivery info to us before August 1st.

We understand that many of you will not know where you are moving to or when you are coming back to Boulder until later in the summer or last minute. This is fine and we understand! Please get in your delivery info 48 hours prior to when you want items delivered.

If you are going abroad or need an extra semester of storage, no problem, just let us know. well, store items for another semester. Reach out to us in December to give us your delivery info. 

 ***All deliveries are to the ground floor of any address we deliver to. If you want items taken up or downstairs of your new residence you will be charged a moving fee. Our moving fee is $50 for every 20 minutes. We go extremely fast. Assembly rates for items like bed frames, etc. are $50 every 15 minutes. 

Special Delivery Rates: If you would like a special delivery after August 22nd. The special delivery charge is $75 throughout the year and is based on availability. Also, extra storage is $25 per week after school starts unless you are taking a semester off or going abroad, then you'll be billed by semester You need to email or call the office ahead of time to set up. All special deliveries are based on our availability.

Warehousing fee- If you want to meet us at our warehouse to pick up your items there will be a $50 warehousing fee for this service. You need to email or call the office ahead of time to set up. All warehouse pick-ups are based on our availability and you need to be on time for whatever time we set up to meet you. 

All storage is paid up through the first day of classes, after that, you will be charged a surcharge of $25 per week for extra storage time for the 1st month, and after that, you will be charged storage for another semester. Again it is not a problem to store items for an extra semester(s), just let us know.

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