General questions

General Questions:

Why does CSS need my e-mail address and my parent’s email address?

CSS does all of its communication with its customers via e-mail. It is extremely important to read the emails we send you since they will contain important information. It is important to check your emails regularly for updates to schedules and delivery. We ask for your parent’s email address to keep them informed and as a secondary point of contact in case we can’t get a hold of you.

It is always the customer's responsibility to be aware of important dates and information that we email to you. We recommend you call CSS at 888-621-9680 or email us at info@csstorage.com if need information. Email addresses are kept confidential and not given out or sold to anyone.

What is Box Day?

Box Day is the weekend day"s" at each school when CSS hands out boxes, tape, a poster tube, packaging instructions, labels, and markers to customers who have signed up for one of our services (this is what your deposit pays for). We also have packaging material (bubble wrap) and mattress covers available for purchase. You may use your own boxes if you wish. If you need more labels, you can download extra labels here in PDF format. Check out your school schedule by clicking on your school logo on our homepage or on the Schools We Serve page for when and where Box Day is at your college.

What happens if I miss Box Day?

If you miss Box Day or sign up after we have had Box Day at your school, then you are responsible for supplying your own boxes, tape, and packing supplies. (At CSU and CU you can go to the the Rams bookstore or Shipping on the Hill for boxes anytime) CSS can still provide you with our shipping and storage services. If CSS has more than one pick-up day at your school, you can get boxes and tape on the first pick-up day and store or ship on the second pick-up day. Please make sure to check out your school schedule page by visiting the Schools We Serve.

Do you pick up and deliver off campus?

YES! CSS can pick up your items at your residence off campus. We can also store and redeliver your belongings for the next semester. This is included in our storage services, there is no extra charge for this.

Do I have to be there when you pick up and drop off my belongings?

It is helpful but not mandatory. If you have someone there who will assume responsibility, like a friend, parent, or roommate, that is fine. On the day we pick up your items, we provide an inventory sheet for your records. On your delivery day, we require a signature before we can drop your items off. We strongly recommend you be there to inventory your items. We cannot leave your storage items at the front desk of any on-campus residence hall. They will not accept them, so you or a friend have to be there to sign for them. If you live off campus, we cannot leave your items on the front porch if no one is home. You will be charged a redelivery fee if no one is home and we are unable to deliver your items inside your residence.

What happens if I don’t know my drop-off address for the next semester?

That is not a problem. We will send you email reminders and ask that you email us no later than August 1st with your delivery info. If you are still unsure of your delivery address after August 1st please be in contact with us. If we receive them after that date, we cannot guarantee the date you choose for delivery. We confirm all delivery info via email.

When you do email us your delivery info, please include the day you want your items re-delivered to you (restricted to specific dates other than CU-Boulder, check your school schedule page), the new address and if applicable the name of the residence hall, apartment complex, or Greek house, room or apt #, and if you are living with any other CSS customers. Please be specific with your drop-off address and give us street references if possible if it is an off-campus address.

Are there any important dates I should know about?

Yes! Please find your school name under the Schools We Serve and locate your school schedule. There is a lot of important information on each school schedule page. Specific dates and times for box day, pick-up days and drop-off days at each school are located there. It is the customer’s responsibility to know if these dates will work for you at your school before you are signed up.

  • On pick-up days, you are to have all of your items downstairs and ready to go at the BEGINNING of your pickup time; this includes both shipping and storage.
  • On drop-off days, all deliveries start at 9 AM and continue until 5 PM. We do not set specific drop-off times and someone must be there to sign for your items before we drop them off.
  • If you want your items delivered outside the specific delivery dates for your school, you will pay a $75-$125 fee and they subject to availability.

Can I get extra CSS boxes?

CSS will give customers up to 10 boxes ( 3 different sizes) on the box delivery day. Students can purchase more from us if they need them. Please note that these boxes must be accounted for. Customers who have extra boxes they don’t use should return on the day we pick up their items. Customers will be charged extra for boxes that are not accounted for, or not used for our services. Our services include the box when the box is used for our shipping or storage services.

How do I make a pick-up time?

If you live on campus, you need to go to your school schedule link by clicking on your school icon on the Schools We Serve page. All the pick-up information for your school is located there. Also listed are the pick-up times and locations for each residence hall. If you live off campus, when you sign up online, you will be able to choose what day and a 2 hour window you would like your items picked up.  We can pick up your storage and shipping items almost anytime throughout the year. If you live off campus at the other schools we service, we can pick up your items on the days we pick up on campus students, or we can come outside those days for a "special pick up fee".