This is our 28th season of CSS! Locally owned and operated here in Colorado. Now is the time to register for Summer Storage, Car Storage, Moving services, and Shipping services over the Summer break! We include Boxes (3 different sizes) labels, tie tags, and tape with all our storage and shipping services. Please click on your school icon located in the middle of our homepage for important scheduling info. We will be in the office starting April 1st- Sept 15h 2024, before then, email works best.


General Questions

Why does CSS need my email address and my parent's email address?

CSS does all of its communication with its customers via e-mail. It is extremely important to read the e-mails CSS sends you since they will contain important information. E-mail addresses are kept confidential and not given out or sold to anyone. It is important to check your emails before and during the summer break for important information from CSS. We ask for your parents email address to keep them informed. Also if you do not regularly check your e-mails, or we can't get ahold of you, it helps us get in touch with you. It is always the customer's responsibility to be aware of important dates and information that is either posted online or that we can email to you. We recommend you call CSS at 888-621-9680 or email us at from your smartphone if you don't have computer access or need information.


Can I store other items than boxes?

Yes!!!!! We can store anything! Plastic containers are no problem they way they are, and you can fill them with your possessions. Futons, all other furniture, bicycles, skies, kayaks, lamps, couches, rugs, skis, snowboards, dorm fridges etc are not a problem. Particleboard furnature must be broken down or we will not be responsible if it is damaged. We now can store vehicles and motorcycles. We do not store and are not responsible for candles, money, cosmetics or liquid laundry detergent. Please check the storage page for commonly stored items and prices, or call the office if you have any questions.

Does CSS store vehicles?

Yes we now store any type of vehicle or car. They are stored inside a warehouse in Boulder county and it is climate controlled. You can pack your car full of your stuff, it will be safe. We ask that all cars have at least 1/4 tank of gas in it when we pick it up. Please check out of our car storage page for more information on the car storage.

Where are my possessions stored?

Your items are stored in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse in the city limits of Boulder, Colorado. All of your posessions are safe, secure, and insured.

What if I have more of fewer items than what I ordered for storage?

No problem. You will only be billed for the amount of items that you store. The more items you have, the more you will be charged whereas the fewer items you have, the less you will be charged. This holds true for the storage packages too. If you ahve fewer items than the package you sign up for, then you will be charged less. There is no minimum or maximum amount a customer can store. When you sign up over the phone we can provide an estimate of storage costs, but that is no guarantee of what the final price will be. The price of your storage depends on what you give CSS on the pick-up day. Please check the storage page for links on prices for our storage packages and itemized pricing.

Can I store my belongings for a longer period of time if I go abroad or take a semester off?

Yes, this is not a problem. You will be charged the same price for each semester stored. Customers are required to pay for extra storage at the beginning of each new storage semester. Your belongings will be delivered to you whernever you return the following semester(s).


How do I properly pack my materials for shipping?

We ask that you label all sides and the top of your shipping boxes with your full name, confirmation #, and the word SHIPPING on them. Make sure to write your shipping address on the top of each box and on the contract you sign when we pick up your items. It is important to use plenty of packaging material for electronic and fragile items. Make sure the contents of your shipping boxes fit snugly, and the boxes are filled to the top. Items should not be loose and moving around inside. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly package their shipping. Customers can request that we repack fragile or larger items for them like skis, TV's, Bikes, etc... Click here to download our Packing & Shipping Instructions.

Note: Improperly packaged items, such as computers and other electronic items that are damaged during shipping will be denied insurance coverage, even if you have insurance on them. This is because UPS and CSS do not pay insurance claims on improperly packaged and shipped items.

Let us repack fragile items for you to ensure they arrive safe.

Is there a minimum charge for shipping?

There is NO minimum rate for shipping customers.

What do your shipping prices include?

Shipping prices include $500 insurance on each package, boxes, tape, packaging instructions, and pick-up at your residence. We use UPS ground for our shipping services. we also email you tracking numbers.


Are there moving fees and Assembly/disassembly fees?

With our storage and shipping services, we pick all items up fromthe ground floor. If you want us to pick up or deliver items past the ground floor, we do charge a moving fee. The rate is $35 per every 15 minutes. Non furniture pick ups and deliveries take us 15-30 minutes on average. With furniture pick up and deliveries take 30 minutes up to 2 hours

If a customer wants us to assemble or disassemble furniture (like Ikea items) or take brackets off the walls, re-arrange furniture, etc. we do charge an assembly/disassembly fee. This fee is again $35 for every 15 minutes. Yes, we will have tools on hand to offer this service. Note! This service is based on availability. If we are slammed and extremely busy on a day you want us to assemble or disassemble items, we may not have the time to do it and have to come back on another day or a different time. Call the office ahead of time to get this set up.


Can CSS help me pack?

You asked for it, now we can! CSS will re-pack customers’ moving, storage or shipping boxes correctly with packing material and our expertise to insure their safety. Our re-packing service is an excellent option for shipping customers who want their computers or electronic items shipped safely, securely, and guaranteed insurance "if" damaged during transit. This service is a great convenience for customers who need help packing correctly because they are hurt or not in state, who don't have the time, or want to be worry-free about their fragile or electronic items being shipped or stored correctly and safely. Properly packed items are the key to their safety.

Also, in the worse case scenario, if shipping items are damaged, properly packed items receive full insurance value ( $500, unless you specify more); improperly packed items do not. The number one reason why customers’ items are broken, damaged, or denied insurance claims is because they were improperly packed by the customer. Save the hassle and the worry; let CSS re-pack it for you! CSS re-packing fees vary on the item but average between $25-$75. CSS re-packing fees are extremely cheap when comparing them to other re-packing services!

Billing & Insurance

When do I pay?

A deposit is required when you sign up and is used to "reserving your space." Your deposit also goes towards the boxes, tape, poster tube and packaging supplies we deliver to you ahead of time before we pick up and move, storage and/or ship your items. The balance is due the day we pick up your storage or shipping. After your billing is complete (within 1 week of pick-up), CSS will email you an itemized billing receipt for your records.

Can I get my deposit back if I cancel?

All orders can be canceled without penalty up until the Box Day at your school. If you cancel after you receive your boxes and tape, your deposit will be forfeited. If you do not show up for Box Day and cancel after that, then you still forfeit your deposit. View your school schedule by visiting the Schools We Serve

Are there any hidden fees or penalties?

CSS has no hidden fees. Your deposit goes towards the boxes and tape we deliver and does not apply to your final bill. If you do not take any boxes and tape, then your deposit will be applied to your final bill.

There are a couple of penalties and fees you should be made aware of. If CSS is unable to deliver your items because of an errant address on your part or no one is home on the delivery day to sign for your storage, a $75-$100 delivery fee will be charged. It is also the discretion of CSS when they will be able to re-deliver your storage. To avoid this, it is imperative we have your cell phone # so we are able to contact you on delivery days.

If a customer packs a box over 70lbs, you will be charged a $40 overweight fee. If the box weighs more than 100lbs, you will be charged $50 and we will re-pack your box into 2 boxes (yes this happens).

If a customer wants their storage delivered on an earlier or non-scheduled CSS delivery date, a $75 -$150 fee will be charged, and needs to be set up, at least, one week in advance. This is subject to delivery availability and no delivery date outside of set delivery dates will be guaranteed.

If a storage bill is not paid within 1 week of pick up because the credit card on file is declined and we cannot get ahold of you, the customer will be assessed a $25 late fee. If the customer does not pay their storage or shipping or moving bill in full within 1 month of the date of the services we provided them (30 days), the late fee is $50. After A month, the late fee is $25 per 2 weeks until the outstanding balance and the late fee is paid in full. Storage customers who leave items in storage past the 1st day that school begins for the fall semester will be charged for extra storage. This fee is $25 extra per week  for the first month, unless the customer wants the items stored for a full semester, then the storage charge is the same rate as the previous semester.

Please, we are not out to get you on any of these fees. If you have ANY issues or problems, call the office at 888.621.9680 and talk to us, we will work with you before we assess any fees or penalties.

What about insurance?

Yes, each storage customer automatically receives 60 cents per pound of commercial liability insurance on their storage up to $100 per item. Additional insurance can also be purchased. Rates of insurance are $100 for every $1000 of declared value of storage per semester. Each shipping package is automatically insured for up to $500. Additional insurance can also be purchased on a shipping package-per-package basis at $10 for each $100 of additional insurance purchased.