This is our 28th season of CSS! Locally owned and operated here in Colorado. Now is the time to register for Summer Storage, Car Storage, Moving services, and Shipping services over the Summer break! We include Boxes (3 different sizes) labels, tie tags, and tape with all our storage and shipping services. Please click on your school icon located in the middle of our homepage for important scheduling info.



College Student Storage has been helping college students move, store and ship their belongings for over 20 years. Below are testimonials from previous CSS students, parents and the universities during that time.

If you would like to add a testimonial please send an email to with your name, school, and message. Interested in learning more about CSS? Visit our About Us page for more information on our company.

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"Thank you so much Dan! I loved working with CSS in the past, so thanks for being so reliable and accommodating. " — Alexia Preston
"I cannot say enough about how smooth my sons move into his dorm was. Your guys were very punctual, very professional and very nice. We were the first delivery this morning and they were ready to hustle. You've got a great team. You will be our storage and moving company while my son is at CU." — Lilli Massey
"Thank you CSS for your excellent service. The over the summer storage worked out perfectly, with packaging boxes delivered and picked up easily, and you worked with us to enable delivery outside of the CSU assigned delivery schedule. You went above and beyond on the IKEA trip to search out all the stuff we wanted, deliver it, and carry it up to a third floor apartment. Great communication and reasonable prices too." — Lesley Sutton
"I just wanted to let you know that the guys out by Farrand Field were extremely helpful and kind to me today. They are doing a great job and I really appreciate it! I would have had to carry my boxes a few blocks all the way back home but Andy K. offered to to deliver them to my door later today. Very good customer service and I really appreciate it!" — Anika Farina
"On behalf of Boulder Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association, we would like to thank you again for your generous support of our annual yard sale fundraiser for the CU sororities this year. Your trucks and guys made a huge difference. Your donation of volunteering CSS for this event for free this year made all the difference in the world. The fundraiser was a huge success and we raised over $8000. The money will be used for CU women, who will benefit from scholarships made possible by this money. Some of the money will also go to other organizations in the Boulder area help many other people. Thank you for playing an integral role in this year's success. We are grateful. Susan Hunter, Susan Gibbs, Sue Gorizchalk - Boulder Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association Co-Chairs University of Colorado Boulder" — Susan Hunter, Susan Gibbs
"Michael, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in making our move from CU less stressful. The gentlemen that met us at the dorm were very polite and helpful. Everything that was shipped arrived successfully." — Linda Graham
"This your favorite California customer-family: ( I am Robert Campbell, father of your customer, Kimberly Campbell ) I just had an outstanding, courteous, professional business conversation with your teammate, Dan. First, it was amazing that he picked up the phone on a Sunday! We are scrambling to plan Kimberly’s storage/pick-up of “stuff” from her current residence—the Gamma Phi Beta House on 16th Street. Dan was courteous, knowledgeable, and demonstrated flexibility in scheduling that we are very, very, very grateful for. We are delighted to be your customer again. Also, because of your perfect service last year and Dan’s incredible service this year, feel free to use our name as a reference for Any and All out-of-state customers who may be hesitant to use your services. Bottom line: you and your team are simply the best at what you do." — The Campbells
"Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you provide. I live in Texas and this is the easiest move out i have had in 2 years (I stayed home). I will definitely be using your service again!" — Portia Smith
"I'd like to thank you again for all the help you've given us over the past year (and more). We've had an "unusual" situation regarding my son's living arrangements and you showed great flexibility in helping us deal with it. Your pricing is good and your service has been exemplary. You've been a pleasure to deal with and your patience with our situation has been very much appreciated.I can only give my highest recommendation to anyone in the Boulder area needing backup/storage services ... they should contact you!" — Deb Becker
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your great service. We ended up changing our daughter's housing at the last minute which meant we had to call you guys at the last minute and re-schedule our delivery date. You handled our request with patience, understanding and professionalism. I was the one meeting your delivery truck at my daughter's apartment and I also want to let you know that your delivery guys are awesome. They are fast, friendly and actually seem happy despite working their butts off during the last few days before the school year starts. I was really impressed! I'm sure we will be contacting you again for next summer and I will continue to highly recommend your business." — Sandy Thomas
"As my freshman year at Colorado came to a close, I faced the daunting task of storing the contents of my dorm room during the summer -- as an out-of-state student with no car, getting everything back to California would have been very difficult. A friend referred CSS, and I was very happy with the service. CSS was organized, professional and very reliable: they provided me with everything I needed -- boxes and tape -- the company was ontime and efficient when it was time to pick up my dorm items, and they were equally as helpful when they returned my stored items at the beginning of the following school year. Most importantly however, CSS provided great service for an affordable price. It would be a shame to give another company sole access to CU residence halls when CSS has been such a great and successful business on campus for so long; therefore, I strongly urge you to allow CSS to flourish and continue their wonderful service to CU students." — Jen Gassner
"We have used College Storage for several years for our children who attend CU. We have been very pleased with the services provided. It has been a life-saver our our kids. We have friends whose children attend other universities who wish the same services were provided where their kids attend school." — Sheri Best
"I highly recommend the services of College Student Storage (CSS). As parent of a CU student, I utilized CSS' services when moving my daughter out of the dorm in May of 2007. They were extremely easy to work with and provided all services as expected. When delivery of my daughter's boxes was made in August 2007 into her apartment everything arrived together and intact. There was no damage whatsoever. I would definitely use their services again (and plan to at the conclusion of Spring semester)." — Carol White
"To whom it may concern: I used CSS last year to put my things in storage and to ship things back home. The were reliable and organized. The materials they provided were very helpful. It would have been even more helpful if they had been able to help me with my things, but they were not allowed to go inside the dorms. I understand the liability issues, but after using their service last year I believe they are trustworthy and can handle providing the student body with storage and shipping options. Also, CU should choose CSS as the storage company they support because they have provided reliable service in the past and the owner graduated from CU!" — Lee Scheer
"Dear Michael, I want to let you know what a lifesaver your service was for us last year. If not for your company, I would have had to fly in, rent a van, pack my daughter up, find people to haul it down the flights of stairs and then find a storage unit. You saved me a significant amount of time and money. I also appreciated that you found us and let us know about your services and I did not have to search for a service like yours when I didn't know such a thing existed. I was disappointed that the school would not allow your people to enter her dorm to pick up the packages directly from her room considering they were making the kids pack up and get out while still studying for finals. The school made it difficult for me and my daughter by not giving them a few extra days to pack and vacate after finals; however, your company kept us informed and provided the missing-link the school was not helping us with. Your service was also very affordable and I appreciated you did not take advantage of us financially to do a job that was worth more to us. You decided what your profit margin was and that was what you charged. You took the initiative and creativity to fill a void for the students and you deserve to flourish in the coming years. Good Luck." — Debbie Mastroianni
"Dear CSS, My son was a freshman at CU last year and we used your services over the past summer. I was very pleased with the way you picked up, stored and returned all of his belongings, and I was planning on using your services again this summer, after his sophomore year. I spoke to you on the phone a few times and you always made me feel very reassured that his things would be well taken care of, and they were. I hope you are chosen to be the storage company that CU uses." — Sharon Lewis
"Just a quick word of support for your organization. My daughter used your services last year as a freshman. We stored all her winter gear, snowboard, skis,etc. along with her TV, linen, clothes and the like over the summer. We found CSS very professional, prompt and courteous, we had no problems and would recommend your company to other CU parents/students in the future." — Tom and Julie Ritter
"We used your service last year while my daughter lived in Cheyenne Arapahoe. You promptly dropped off the boxes and packing material at her dorm. Your company picked up the boxes every other day as she packed due to limited space in her room. In August, the delivery to her off campus house was exceptional. You arrived on the date promised, on time, boxes clean and undamaged and delivered to the appropriate room in the house. The staff was courteous. I plan on using your company again this year and would recommend your company to the entire Boulder community." — Colleen Brunner
"My son used College Student Storage last year. I was able to easily make the arrangements for him and pay the fee with my credit card. Eric was e-mailed detailed information by CSS with complete instructions on delivery of packing supplies and pickup schedule. The end of the semester wasn't as hectic because of CSS. Upon arriving at CU in August, my sons things were delivered at the arranged time in good condition. We hope to be able to use CSS again this year.” Jennifer CraneJenBur BoxersBreeders of Loving Healthy Boxers" — Jennifer Crane
"My daughter Martina has used CSS to move out of the CU dorms in the spring of 2007 and to move into her apartment in August 2007. CSS was organized and punctual. They handle her belongings with care, were easy to reach, accommodating and professional. Our overall experience with them was a positive one .We are happy to say that we would gladly recommend their services." — Silvia Spera
"Dear CSS, Michael Shelhamer We really appreciated your moving and storage services last year for our son. We would certainly use you again without reservation.Good luck!" — Mona Sobel
"If you are considering using any campus moving and storage company for your student, you should select CSS! When my daughter moved from a house off campus in May to another apartment building where the lease began three months later, I called quite a few services. We considered renting a storage space, shuttling her belongings back and forth, even having things shipped home to Ohio. Then I did a Google search and found Michael from CSS. Everything that CSS promised they delivered...and more! They provided/delivered cartons, markers, tape and property tags. They had boxes for every sized item...from books to skis to an Oriental rug! They picked up on time, stored the items (which were in PERFECT condition when they were returned to my daughter...even the skis) and delivered them to the new apartment on the day and at the time they had promised. (They even had the capability to ship her belongings to Florida, when she was considering transferring to a school there!) The young men who picked up and carried the boxes to the truck were careful and respectful. I only wish I had known about CSS when we had to climb the multitude of stairs in the dorms when we moved in and out of there! One of the best parts about CSS is the owner, Michael. Michael is a former CU student, a young entrepreneur who runs his business hands on! He responds to emails in a timely fashion, distributes packing materials, moves boxes and even drives the truck. We used Michael for our move last year and will be using him again this year. I have dealt with several moving companies in my life and I can tell you, no one is as careful, consistent and hardworking as Michael and the guys at CSS." — Barrie Denmark
"Dear CU Administrators researching the Storage Issue, I live out of state and do not know what I would have done last year when my Freshman daughter needed to store all her belongings for the summer had it not been for CSS. They patiently answered all my questions, were there to assist my daughter when she went into overwhelm, were present when they promised and picked up as promised. It was a seamless effort on their part which was a tremendous help to us. In the Fall all her belongings were safely delivered to her Sorority house early in the day as promised allowing her to move in on schedule and begin her sophomore year organized and settled. All the staff we dealt with were friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about the chore they were doing making it seem less of a chore for the students. I would use them again without question. They thought of every detail and need and had an answer. The service was worth every penny to us." — Diane Duffie
"I am a parent of a CU student who has relied on CSS for my daughter. I live in NJ and was unable to fly to Boulder to pack and move my daughter from her dorm room. I was pleased with the work that CSs did and the delivery service the following August. Sincerely," — Debra Sandmeye
"CSS was very helpful and was an amazing service for an out of state student. It made it really easy to pack, move and store my stuff for the next year at CU. I really don't think CU should monopolize packing companies. CSS doesn't even come into your dorm. They wait outside with their truck and load your stuff for storage. If you did not allow CSS to reach out to CU students, it would be doing CU a great disservice." — Lori Olson
"As the parent of a Freshman son at CU I became nervous as my son's first school year came to a close. As we live out of state, I couldn't imagine how we were going to get him moved out of the dorm and into his "yet to be determined" new residence the following year. What would we do with all of his belongings? Some of the things were valuable, would they be safe? Did I need a storage pod?? A moving truck?? The logistics of moving, storing and moving again made for some sleepless nights. I was relieved when I received information about College Student Storage. They made the process clear and simple for both me and my son. They were professional and prompt in both the pick up and delivery process. Nothing got lost and all items were returned in good condition. They were the perfect solution to our problem. I highly recommend College Student Storage as your choice for a moving and storage company. As an added bonus, I would imagine that University of Colorado would take pride in it's business school graduate, Michael Shelhamer's successful business venture and welcome the opportunity to support it." — Debra Jorgensen
"Michael Shelhamer, My family is very satisfied with the services provided by CSS and will use your service in the future. We have also recommended CSS to our friends that have students planning to attend CU in the coming years. CSS services were top notch and business was conducted just as promised. A no brainer,CSS IS #1 our book!" — James & Karyl DeMonte
"I would hope that the college would continue to use College Student Storage. My son has relied on them for three summers. We live in New Jersey and could not have done this without them. They were the only company to make it a simple thing for my son to store his belongings. I am upset that you are considering not having them be allowed to do so for another summer. How will my son without a car get all of his belongings kept safe all summer? I trusted CSS for my son's belongings and wish to do so again this year." — Beth McCoy
"CU Storage has been a lifesaver. My daughter has been a student at CU for three years. She lives out of state. We have been using CU Storage for three years not only for storage, but moving as well. Everyone has been terrific to work with. Service has consistently been excellent. Nothing lost or broken or damaged in any way. Everyone has always been accommodating and sometimes that can be difficult with college students and makes a huge difference as a parent. I have another child in college, not at CU, and they do not have a moving and storage service and I miss it. I cannot say enough positive things about CU Storage." — Susan Ballard
"I definitely would recommend CSS as the premier moving service for CU. I have experienced nothing but good service!!" — Whitney Crotty
"We had no problems with your service. Everything was stored and/or delivered, and there was no damage." — Jerry Nichols
"My name is Cindy Vail and I am a parent of a current sophomore at CU. We utilized CSS last spring to store my son's belongings through the summer. CSS was prompt, honest, reasonable, and completely reliable every step of the process. I happily recommend them based upon our good experiences." — Cindy Vail
"My daughter used CSS last May, July and August when she moved from Cheyenne Arapaho to a summer apartment and then to Bear Creek. I found the company to be extremely flexible (when my daughter did not have her belongings ready on time), polite, and especially dependable and prompt. Their prices were upfront and communication was very good. I was able to reach someone every time I called, which was extremely important, considering the fact that I was trying to handle these moves from Houston. Their employees were pleasant and dependable. I would definitely use them again. It was a positive experience for both my daughter and myself." — Carol Jordan
"My daughter used student storage last year and it was a complete success. You are professional and all her things were in excellent condition when she came back in the fall. I hope you are able to continue with your business as we are planning to use your services again. Good luck to all of you." — Naomi Glazer
"CSS did an amazing job for us last year and was the perfect solution for our needs. We are planning on using them every year until my son graduates and have been happy and impressed with their professionalism, their reliability and their performance. We look forward to working with them in the future and have been extremely pleased with our relationship with them." — Lynn Barras
"CSS has moved and stored my daughter's things for 2 years now. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Shelhamer and his staff. Without the services of CSS, I would have had to travel from Texas to help my daughter move out, and put her things in storage. The prices are very reasonable for the invaluable service provided. The staff was considerate, and efficient. I recommend CSS and Michael Shelhamer without reservation! I will also be glad to answer any questions that you may have." — Portia Brewster Smith
"My daughter's and my experiences with CSS has been very good. They brought the boxes to CU, she picked up what she needed, and for one price picked up her packed boxes in May, stored them for the summer, and returned them to her at her new address in August. It made storing her things very easy. I would use them again." — Gina Snyder
"Dear Michael, I want to add my name to the long list of your happy customers and to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent service you have provided to the students at CU. We were very pleased with our business relationship with you last year. It was easy and convenient to work with you via email and phone to arrange for the pick-up and storage of our daughter's furniture and personal belongings. You made the process smooth and simple and safely stored the property over last summer. Delivery this past Fall to our daughter's new residence went on schedule with nothing lost or damaged. Everyone has been very satisfied with your professionalism and ethics. It is our pleasure to provide our testimonial to your good work." — Laurel Suess
"I would definitely refer CSS to win the bid process and become the campus's student storage provider. I have used the company for the past two years and plan on using them again. They are always very helpful and I have never had any problems with them. Being an out of state student, CSS has made moving extremely painless. I know many of my friends use CSS and feel the same way." — Caitlin Sears
"This company did a great job for my son. It made it possible for us to avoid the shipping costs for personal belonging between Colorado and Texas for four years. It seems a stretch for CU to be obtaining bids when CU is not paying for the service. I also fail to see how CU can limit access to the University since it is a public institution. If they can limit access to companies and allow bids, what is being done for cabs, express buses, pizza deliveries, etc.?" — Lloyd Mitchell
"Although my son only used your company one time, I'm sure he was happy with it. I heard no complaints from him. He is now in a condo off campus, so won't need to store anything for next year, but I was there last summer when your company delivered his boxes to the condo. I was impressed that I was given a two hour window and the boxes arrived within those two hours. Everything was there and intact. Usually I've experienced from companies of all sorts, a larger window of time like "all day" where I have to wait an entire day, or they don't show up at all." — M. Sullivan
"Hello, We really appreciated the seamless and affordable move you provided us (my son) last year, and this one too if we need to store items. The cost and delivery time promises were met. His items were well stored and in good order when he unpacked again." — Kelly Giurbino
"I've used CSS since I was a freshman (now a senior) and it is the most convenient storage company. They provide everything you need to pack up and pick it up and deliver it wherever and whenever you want it. I highly recommend this company for all CU students." — Atisha Usui
"This is a great company it saved me so much time and effort not to mention the people were extremely friendly and helpful. CSS made my first time moving stuff in and out easy and relatively less stressful. Thank you so much for everything." — Robyn Artal
"I am happy to provide a referral for CSS, which has provided efficient storage service at a reasonable price for my son, a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder." — Aleo Brugnara
"I was very happy with my experience with CSS as were all of my roommates coming out of the dorms and moving into our first house after storing everything for the entire summer. All of my belongings were returned to me exactly as I had left them and the CSS staff actually helped me carry my TV and other heavy items from the third floor of the dorms as I had injured my back. They were extremely efficient, courteous, helpful and reliable." — Natalie Veltman
"We chose to use CSS last year at the conclusion of our son's freshman year. They were great communicators, provided complete service and were easy to work with. I would highly recommend their service to any other student/parents." — Becky Porter
"CSS Storage was very efficient, reliable, and affordable. By limiting their availability, it will only render a positive aid to the student body ineffective, and limit unduly the right of economic competition. Best of luck with your referrals." — Keith Batter
"I am very happy with your service and feel that you have in the past and can in the future do a thorough and competent moving job for the students of CU." — Jyl Aker
"Our daughter is currently a Junior at CU and we have used your services since her Freshman year. We have been most happy with the moving and storage services you have provided over these past 2 years, and have found your staff to be helpful, accommodating, on-time and professional. We would recommend you and your company to anyone attending CU who needs such services." — Brooke & Gary Moore
"We thought CSS provided a wonderful service, did a great job, and vastly reduced the headaches of moving out and then moving in. I'd be surprised if a big commercial firm would give the same kind of service." — W. Korth
"My daughter Samantha has used CSS storage for the past three years and we love them. They are professional and helpful and as an out of state parent, they provide a valuable service to CU. I highly recommend them to anyone." — Anna Marie Corbin
"Dear Michael, We wanted to let you know how helpful CSS was last summer with storing our son’s furnishings. It was so easy for Ryan to call and set up delivery of boxes and a pickup date from his dorm. Since we live in the Cincinnati area, we felt we did not have to worry about flying out and helping him. CSS made us feel very comfortable about this. When Ryan returned for the fall of ’08 and was moving into an apartment, CSS was very easy to work with for delivery of his furniture. Along with that, the additional furniture, Ryan had purchased from a graduating student there, was picked up efficiently, stored for two weeks, and delivered to Ryan’s apartment with his original furnishings you had picked up in the spring. This made move-in day into Ryan’s apartment so much easier for all of us. Your movers were very good. Obviously, since you have been doing this for 11 years, we can tell you know how to work with students and parents and make this part of moving less stressful for all. We appreciate this and plan on using you again this summer. The best to you in your business and you will be hearing from us very soon." — Amy G. Hills
"You guys were amazing! The customer service during set up, move in, store, move out...all of it great. Your employees showing up to move my daughter out and in also amazing. Congratulations on a job well done to all and a much needed vacation! " — Joy Cox
"Dan and Michael, Thank you for your services! We shipped our son’s goods from PA and we were thrilled everything worked as stated by CSS! The guys were timely, friendly, courteous and are right they deserved their tips! We look forward to using you for summer storage and we are happy to support a CU Alumnus! Lori Boucher (son Jonathan) P.S. I also think this email was a really nice touch for those using your services! Thank you." — Lori Boucher
"We love you guys!!!" — Sonia V.
"Dan, Thank you so much for such great service! The young gentlemen that delivered my daughters boxes were fantastic. She was missing one box, it was found and delivered promptly! We will see you again in May! " — Christine Pendergast
"Good morning from California! My son is a sophomore at CU Boulder and we used your services for summer storage and delivery to his new home this fall. Wanted to let you know how GREAT you guys are! Everything worked seamlessly for us….excellent communication, awesome delivery guys, and having a place to send packages over the summer was an extra help. So glad you guys are in business and will definitely use your services again. " — Kari Dobak
"You guys did a great job Michael. Thanks for everything." — Debbie Nordstrom
"Thank YOU ALL for your service. Much easier for us who live in St Louis! The Ltd we have seen and worked with are all cordial, helpful and well worth the tip!! Wonderful idea I wish my daughter at Mizzou had! Ann and Will McAndrew" — Ann McAndrew
"My son and I would like to thank you for doing such a fantastic job! He stored his car with you over the summer and had your guys help move him out and in to his new place. Your services are well run and much appreciated! Thank you, " — Sharon Forte
"Thanks to you and your staff! You were very helpful with all aspects. Pickup, storage and delivery. As well as holding our shipped items. Hope to use your services again. " — Amanda Gross
"Thank you both for a very well oiled machine. Living in NJ makes it extra hard to get things stored, so you guys saved me big time! " — Nancy Sliverman
"Thanks to everyone at CSS! The move went really well and even though the truck was late, everything went like clockwork once they arrived The move crew was super friendly and polite. See you next spring! " — Randy Ralston
"Thank you! Everything re: our daughter's storage and delivery was seamless - we'll definitely be using you again in the future! :) " — Marci Hamilton
"Thank you Dan and your team! I appreciate your communication on all fronts and the professional of your crew. You’ve deserved your time off! Best regards " — Joanne Harpell
"We had a great experience with your company. Because we are from IL, storage was a HUGE convenience for us and the pick up and delivery service made it even more convenient. My daughter worked for you passing out flyers last semester at CSU, so the deal you offered her on storage was beyond amazing and a total blessing to our family! Storage through your company would not have been possible for us without that offer to her. Thank you!!!! The pick and delivery crews were AWESOME - all very kind and respectful young men. I was very impressed; their jobs were not easy!! Last May, there was a little glitch in the pick up time and since we were on a departure schedule to get back to IL, we had to do a little scurrying to try and get the guys to come get my daughter's stuff. The crew that came was SO great and overly apologetic for running late- very professional and helpful! (We absolutely understood why they would be running late, and felt bad that we were on a tight schedule!) Thanks again for providing this wonderful service. It was a total blessing to us! " — Lynne Sugai
"You guys and your crews did a fabulous job. Hard work is an understatement and the logistical planning required has to be daunting. CSS provides a tremendously valuable service and does it incredibly well. Great job. Thank you. " — Jim Burt
"I just wanted to send a follow up email and let you and your staff know that I greatly appreciated your service. I have always been provided with a window of when the storage items would be delivered and your team showed up during that window. They have been exhausted - but they are always ready to assist and very polite! I have used CSS for 2 years and think it is an AWESOME service that is provided to the students AND to the parents! This is my son's last year at CU - but I plan to use CSS to get all of his items back to my home after graduation. THANK YOU!! And I hope that you and Dan enjoy your much deserved time off! " — Rhynel Evans
"We think you guys are fantastic and your operation is absolute perfection in our eyes!!! Honestly, you took away all of my stress and anxiety during the summer prep and move in process... I’m so grateful! You have our business and support until all of the Davis girls graduate... which won’t be for awhile! :) " — Jen Davis
"Thank you very much for a very smooth and great experience! You will definitely have our business again in May. " — Michelle Feinstein
"I had nothing but the best experience!! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to manage, store, communicate and deliver 1300 students. From signing up and scheduling delivery date to also shipping added wayfair stuff to you later in the summer and then receiving all the boxes and the large items from wayfair in time the exact day you said at the exact time and even have the young gentleman text me ahead of time to say he’s on his way was amazing and made my daughters and mine day stress free!! I can’t thank you enough bough for amazing service and communication!" — Beth Blower
"Thanks for this email. Just wanted to take time to let you know our experience with you was wonderful. We felt the service both for pickup and dropoff went very smoothly. The young men we dealt with were courteous and helpful. Your rates are reasonable and our items were all fine when delivered. In an age when people are more likely to complain that give compliments, I just thought you would appreciate a positive note. Thanks again—we will definitely use you in the future. Jennifer Boudart (parent of student at Colorado College)" — Jennifer Boudart
"I just wanted to let you know we had a really positive experience with our move. I’m sure you get your fair share of complaints but you should know the two movers who handled my daughter’s move on Monday were on-time, careful, hard working, polite and very professional. My daughter had to have emergency surgery last week so I had to fly out and help her and help with the move. It couldn’t have gone better. We are repeat customers and have had a positive experience in the past. We will be repeat customers for the remainder of her time at CU and we will be a great referral source for you. Hope the busy season goes well." — Josh and traci Levy
"I just want to say you guys were awesome! The young men who delivered were fantastic and SO helpful! What an easy move in! Thank you so much!! One very happy customer, " — Shelly Read
"Thanks Michael and Dan, It's a brilliant idea you have to take care of college student belongings during the summer. We appreciate your care and professionalism. Have a wonderful summer. " — Clare Soden
"Although this was a last minute decision for us to use CSS, we are very grateful you were still able to help us and to have used your service. It saved us so much time and hassle. Thanks to all your staff for working so hard to get this all done, all while handling finals themselves! Impressive and I will definitely recommend CSS in the future. Grateful from North Carolina, " — Irene Harwood
"Good morning. I wanted to say that thus far, our first experience with your company has been fantastic! Your student/movers were incredibly polite and with can-do attitudes. They are a great bunch! Very kindly " — Elisabeth Fowler
"Thank you! As the parent of an out of state student it's wonderful to have a company that is so convenient and accommodating to help organize and manage the storage and shipping of my son's school gear. We greatly appreciate your service and professionalism. Sincerely " — James Smith
"Wanted to thank you as well- have used your service since 2009 with several of my kids at CU and you and the team have always followed through on what you commit to. That is what a great customer experience is all about! Thanks" — Sylvia Fong
"our service was awesome for my daughter Nancy Best & her roommate move in May then again in August. Could not have been happier with the movers and your service leading up to moving dates. Will be contacting for any future moves in Boulder. Thanks so much!!! " — Sherry Best
"My husband & I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our experience using your company. Our daughter attends CU Boulder and we live in California. We were not sure what our storage options would be over the summer. We just knew that we wanted to store her stuff in Colorado during the summer. We were mailed flyers from a couple of companies and we choose to go with CSS. We were not really sure what to expect abut we have been pleased with the service from beginning to end. The box drop off was located right in front of Darly South, we were able to get more boxes easily when we were actually packing up and realized we needed more. Unfortunately, her finals schedule put her move out day on the last day of the semester which turned out to be one of the busiest days for CSS in 20 years. We were told by the owner himself about the issue on Friday, May 6. Even with the pickup delay, things were handled well. We were especially pleased with the delivery service. We fully expected to carry (12) boxes up three flights of stairs into my daughters sorority house. We were very happy to have the CSS guys carry them up for us and give them each a tip. We will definitely be using CSS for future storage needs Thanks for a job well done! " — Jina & Mike Rogers
"Thank you! And thank you for your business! I live in California and, because of your business model, I won't have to take off work to help my son pack or get his stuff to a safe storage location for the summer. He doesn't have a car, so this set up is perfect! Thank you!!! " — Cara Varon
"We have used CSS for the past three years and we STRONGLY SUPPORT CU selecting them as the on-campus moving and storage service. This is the best service we have ever used and we have had experiences on a total of six campuses all across the country! Not only are they prompt, organized, dependable, and friendly, they "have been there and done that" so they know what it's like from the student/parent perspective. I think this is why they are so easy to work with and reasonably priced. We have never had anything go wrong or be late. In fact, I think it would be a disservice to the CU student body if CSS is not allowed to provide service to them. THEY ARE BY FAR THE BEST SERVICE GOING!" — Kate & Roger Goddu
"I would like to thank you for making moving out and moving in seamless. Everything worked perfectly! I'm impressed with your process and attention to detail! We'll definitely use your company when we need storage again at Mines! Sue" — Sue Kammann
"Thank you, Michael. I love your service for my daughter. We really appreciate your help. Please reach out toward the end of the year so I remember to schedule with you! Thanks, Kate Schraeder" — Kate Schraeder
"Thank you so much for your services. We appreciate you so much. You guys are awesome! Cheers, Peggy Boulgarides Mom of CSU student. " — Peggy Boulgarides
"Thank you! Your service is greatly appreciated! Dana" — Dan White
" I wanted to say thanks (again) for the great job you and your team did this year. We are always impressed by the efficiency of the team and overall great customer service. The three gents who helped us were very pleasant and took care of our items without any issues. I wish every company worked as well as yours. Thanks again - I’ll be reaching out when we know what the next move is! Barry" — Barry Fulk
"You guys are truly the best. You made our lives so stress-free. We can’t thank you enough. JULIE JOHNSON" — JULIE JOHNSON
"Our daughter was very happy with your service. Thank you! Craig Shuey " — Craig Shuey
"You all were so helpful and made it all easy! Thanks so much for all you do. Best wishes, Jennifer " — Jennifer Liberts
"We had a great team pick up and deliver for us! Thank you. You obviously care for your community of students, families, and employees! Kris Clagett" — Kris Clagett
"Hello Michael, Thank you for your crew and service. Everything from dropping off supplies, picking up boxed dorm stuff to delivery of all items to my son’s new location as scheduled went extremely well. We will definitely look into your storage program in the spring. Sincerely, Maddie Crenshaw" — Maddie Crenshaw
"The service you provided in delivering my son’s items on Saturday the 21st was flawless. The staff kept us posted on their status and were extremely friendly and wonderful. I tipped them generously. They deserved it. Also, the personal service you provided with the summer storage was exceptional. I will do everything I can to recommend you to other families. Thank you. Ellen Hughes " — Ellen Hughes
"What a great email. We will definitely be using you again in years to come! Andrea Kochanowsky " — Andrea Kochanowsky
"You guys did a great job. I am sorry people were such jerks. Please pass this along people don’t realize how hard it is to find anyone and that most of the young men you hired are cu students. Tips matter. Katie Johnson" — Katie Johnson
"Thank you for the letter. I am a loyal customer and I appreciate what you all do Thank you, Allison Washburn" — Allison Washburn
"Thank you for your awesome emails! Always encouraging and kind. We were REALLY impressed with your guys! Very nice and strong! The storage so much for us over the summer. Carry boxes down from the third-floor of Libby when I couldn’t. And delivered to new residence in Bear Creek, so effectively. Please stay in business ! We will need you again!! Be safe. Kind regards Laurie Jobson CU Boulder Mom " — Laurie Jobson
"I think your company did an amazing job. We will definitely use you again. Everything went to plan and nothing was broken. 1700 students is a lot. Well done! Therese Lehane" — Therese Lehane
"Thank you. My son’s things were delivered in good condition and on the day requested. I don’t know the names of the boys who delivered his stuff but they were very nice. Corrine Weiner" — Corrine Weiner
"You guys rock! will absolutely use it again and recommend it Christy Kutzscher!" — Christy Kutzscher
"You guys are awesome. Thank you. Saved us last year too when my son had to scurry home and you packed up dorm room and shipped to us. Jill" — Jill Hollan
"Thank you for your fantastic service. The experience overall was great. Thank you! Maddie crenshaw" — Maddie Crenshaw
"Dear Michael and Dan: I am writing to express my thanks to the three young man who helped us load my daughter’s belongings into the truck for storage over the summer. We were at Stearns West, and two of the young men’s names were Zack and Liam. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the other young man’s name, but they were all very helpful, polite, and considerate. We are very grateful to CSS for taking care of our daughter’s belongings over the summer. Thanks again for everything! Have a great summer! See you in August! All the best, Alice Keane" — Alice Keane
"I just wanted to let you know what a good job CSS did for my DU student this spring and fall. They were professional, flexible , courteous, and responsible. I wanted to make you aware of the excellent service they provided so that you can consider using them in the future! Heather Keare ( mom of Carter Huff senior)" — Heather Keare
"Thank you for doing such a great job under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We’re all very fortunate to have had your company to rely on as we were all navigating a crazy time. Hopefully now you and your team can take a breathe and regroup as you prepare for August. Best regards, Kirsten Schultz" — Kirsten Schultz
"I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. You did an amazing job on last minute notice. Thank you for getting my daughter what she needed, in such short notice. Thank you for storing all of our daughters belongings and taking all the stress off of us having to find storage. Thank you again, Michelle Katz" — Michelle Katz
"Hi again Dan! I’m just so thankful for how everything was accomplished today on such short notice, and under such crazy circumstances! I am painfully aware of how busy you must be, and still you and your team went above and beyond to help move us out of our daughters dorm at Regis. Thank you again, the crew that handled our move was just wonderful, they were great. Grateful to you all for your help. Stay safe and well! Janet Flora :)" — Janet Flora
"You guys are life savers! Thank you so much for all you do!!! Jamie Straza " — Jamie Straza
" I wanted to thank you both again for your incredible flexibility in the packing and storing of my daughters things. You were so organized and kind to allow us to drop our things at your home given these crazy circumstances. Moving out and packing up cross country at the last minute is not an easy task but you made it carefree and easy. We accomplished a lot in just a few hours and were so grateful for your help and communication. I emailed the University housing/dining services and told them how fabulous you guys were to work with and they should consider advertising your services along with others (UPS) so kids/families have options and that they should support other local businesses especially ones that are run by alums of CU! Again thanks for everything and see you in August. Elisabeth Stone" — Elisabeth Stone
"The three young men who helped us on Friday were professional, kind and simply amazing. You hired well. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. We are very relieved to be home, shutdown and all. Stacy Pearson" — Stacy Pearson
"Thank you, Boulder CSS team, for persevering through this trying time and helping those of us who left campus thinking we would be able to come back for our stuff. Your team packed up my son’s room today, after a snowstorm, in very uncertain circumstances with the university sending mixed messages. Thank you. For now, my son’s belongings are in storage. If possible, we would like to get them shipped home or pick them up at a later date, when things calm down and the situation is more clear. We have been making these decisions on the fly, in a rapidly changing environment, so I hope you can forgive our lack of a firm plan! Best, Paige Goodpasture" — Paige Goodpasture
"Thank you for your services!!! Knowing that your team was there for my son during this unexpected transition made a difficult time a little less stressful! Compliments to you all! Lori Boucher Mom of Jonathan Boucher, CU-Boulder" — Lori Boucher
"Thank you so much for your amazing service. My daughter was living in the DG house and packed up on Monday before driving back to AZ. She said you guys were amazing, thank you for making a stressful situation less stressful! Jackie Hutt" — Jackie Hutt
"Hi Dan and Michael, I know you’re incredibly swamped right now, but we just wanted to take a minute to thank you with all our hearts for helping our daughter, Claire, move out of CU Boulder this week. She arrived home safely to us last night and told us how awesome you guys were in helping her pack up and move out on such short notice. We live in a suburb of Chicago and it was very stressful not being able to get to her to help. We couldn’t have done it without you. We so appreciate your patience, kindness and flexibility. We hope you all get a well deserved rest and time with your families when this is all over. Thank you again for everything. Take care, Ross and Mary Drobny " — Ross and Mary Drobny

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