How the other guys compare

We know there are plenty of options out there when it comes to moving, storing and shipping your belongings to and from college, but we're confident that you'll find CSS to be the best.

Why? First and foremost, we're a locally owned and operated company, right here in Colorado, in business since 1996. We know the cities, the campuses, and the people because CSS was started at CU Boulder. Second, we created this business to serve college students specifically. We understand the unique challenges and situations that come with working in the college market... and we excel at handling them. We have our own employees, trucks, and warehouses.

 We don't contract anything out. National companies like College Boxes and Dorm to Dorm movers hire subcontractors out and have zero employees in the state. You don't know who is doing the moving and storage for you. Box U puts items in non-climate controlled storage units and rents trucks. they are in and out for a quick buck and only help out kids when the residence halls close.

**The UPS stores located on CU Boulder campus was given a "preferred vendor" contract for the CU Summer Storage program by signing a no-bid contract with the school when signing there mailing services contract. Now the UPS store on the CU Boulder campus is the only company that can directly reach parents and students via direct mailing and through emails by getting these mailing and email list from the school for " educational purposes". All local companies are blocked out from getting this information that the school used to let us buy before the UPS store signed this contract. The UPS store does not own there own trucks and stores students items in a vacant hospital in Boulder at the top of Mapleton Ave, and in their stores for the summer break. The UPS store on CU Boulder campus has a huge unfair advantage to advertise to CU students and parents via emails and mailings and in there stores on campus, they are not the best nor the cheapest option and offer limited services, and they are the only "preferred summer storage provider by CU Boulder" " because they paid for this status. In retuen CU Boulder has given them access to all the students personnal information including emails and home addresses.  They are the only summer storage company that can reach CU Boulder students and parents by paying the school for this contract they signed and in return CU Boulder has taken ALL proven avenues of advertising away from companies like CSS that wish to reach CU students and parents. Beware of this company. Just because the UPS store on CU Boulder campus say there the "Preferred Vendor" at CU Boulder for summer storage and advertise this doesnt make them the best, it makes them a monopoly

When it comes to college moving, storage, and shipping, no one does it better than College Student Storage. 24 years of experience. Started at CU Boulder in 1996 by a former student ( and this is how CU Boulder treats there Alumni). CSS helps ALL students on or off campus throughout there college career with numerous services. We own our own trucks and are licensed and insured. We have moved, stored, or shipped well over 25,000 Students in this time.  

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