Storage Pricing

On-Campus In-Room pick-up services: $50 - The student escorts us to their room when we show up at your residence hall and we move everything to our moving truck for you. You need to have items packed up and ready to go. All of our employees are current and former college students, please tip them if they do a good job, they work hard and can use the money. 

In-Room pack ups: $150 an hour ( 3 guys and truck, plus packing materials) minimum 2 hours 

Itemized Storage Prices for all items per semester:

We can store Anything! It does not need to go in a box.

All storage prices are based on storage for the entire summer break and include on or off-campus pick-up and delivery to your address, climate-controlled warehouse storage for the Summer break, and insurance, all for one price! not monthly!

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Storage Prices for our boxes and sizes: 

box small sm Book Box

(12"x12"x16") - $25
The small box is used for heavy items such as textbooks and CDs.

box medium sm Medium Box

(18"x18"x16") - $35
The miscellaneous box is used for electronic and bulky items.

box large sm Large Box

(18"x18"x24") - $45
Clothes box used for things such as bedding, clothing, and lighter items.

Wardrobe boxWardrobe Box

24"x20"x45") -$65

For clothes, dresses, and suits you want to keep from getting wrinkled. You need to ask for these when on the days we deliver boxes and tape to you. 

Itemized Storage Prices for all other items:

Your own Boxes

If you have your own boxes, yes, please use them. They will be charged according to the size of our box prices above. You can also substitute them for any of our storage packages.
  • Small box - $25
  • Medium box - $35
  • Large box  - $45
  • XL Boxes - $65
  • Wardrobe boxes - $75

Plastic Containers

All students have plastic containers, no problem! They do not need to be boxed and are fine the way they are. Pack them full of your items, tape securely shut, and label at least 2 sides and the top with your full name and confirmation #.

If you choose a storage package, we can substitute plastic containers of similar sizes into any of our 4  packages

  • Small plastic containers or tubs - $25
  • Medium plastic containers or tubs - $35
  • Large plastic containers of tubs-  $50
  • XL plastic containers or tubs- $55
  • Small plastic towers-$30
  • Medium plastic towers-$40
  • Large plastic Towers-$55,
  • XL plastic towers-$65
  • Store 4 plastic containers of the same size and the 5th one of the SAME size is free!

Duffel Bags and Backpacks 

  • Small duffel bags or backpacks - $25
  • Medium duffel bags or backpacks - $40
  • Large duffel bags or backpacks-  $50
  • XL duffel bags and Hockey bags- $65


  • Small suitcase- $35
  • Medium suitcase - $45
  • Large suitcase  - $55
  • XL Suitcase- $65

Sporting Equipment

  • Bikes-$75
  • Boot bag-$25
  • Golf clubs -$50
  • Guitars- $35
  • Lacrosse sticks or Hockey sticks-$15
  • Skis and poles-$45
  • Snowboard-$45
  • Snowboard or Ski bags- $45
  • XLSnowboard or Ski bags- $55
  • Skateboard-$20

Beds & Futons

  • Bed Frames- Wood- $75-$100 (depending on the size and the number of pieces)
  • Bed frame- Metal- $45
  • Headboard- $50 
  • Full bed-(mattress and box spring)- $160 ($80 per piece)
  • Double bed (mattress and box spring)-$100 ($100 per piece)
  • Queen bed (mattress and box spring) -$200 ($100 per piece)
  • King bed (mattress and box spring) $300 ($150 per piece)
  • Futon-large (over 60 inches wide)-$150
  • Futon-small (under 60 inches)-$125
  • Mattress pads-$35-$45 (depending on size)
  • Mattress covers- $12 each ( fits everything but king beds)- We put them on when we show up to pick up your items.

Random Items

  • Car Tires-$40 each/ $150 for set of four
  • Desk Chair- $50
  • End table/ night stand $50
  • Fabric cubes- $25-$35 (depending on size)
  • Fans $15
  • Folding Chairs-$15
  • Folding Tables- $45
  • Folding chairs in a bag-$15
  • Garbage Bags of items- $35-$45  (depending on size) **We repack into boxes/ repacking fee
  • Garbage cans- $10-$45 (depending on size)
  • Hampers-$20-$30 (depending on size)
  • Laundry and wicker Baskets- $15-$20
  • Mirrors $10-$45 (depending on size)
  • Metal Racks-$10-$25 (depending on size)
  • Pictures (with frame) $10-$45 (depending on size)
  • Pillows-$10-$20 (depending on size)
  • Rugs 6' x9' and under $25
  • Rugs 9’ x 12’ $50
  • Dorm Shelves $15-$45 depending on size
  • Shoe Racks-$10-$25 (depending on size)
  • Poster tubes-FREE with packages-or $5 
  • Appliances and electric items
  • Air Conditioners-$50-$65 (depending on size)
  • Dorm Fridge-$60-$65 ( depending on size)
  • Fans- $10-$20
  • Lamps desktop or tall -$10-$20
  • Microwave - $35
  • Vacuum cleaners-$35

Flat Screen TV's

  • 30 inch or less $40
  • Over 30 inch-$50
  • Over 50 inch-$65

Flat-screen TVs HAVE to be boxed! They are just too fragile.

If your TV fits into one of the boxes we give you or any other box you come across, that is fine. Make sure to properly pack your TV with bubble wrap or bedding and clearly label the box on 4, sides and the top of that box that a flat-screen TV is inside the box.

If a TV is not packaged, we will either box or encase it in cardboard on-site or at our warehouse. Students will be charged for this service. The cost for repacking your TV is between $25-$75 depending on size If you have the original box, please use it.

Repacking your TV yourself- You can also take one of our boxes, open it up at the seam and encase your TV with it. Wrap iTV n bubble wrap or a blanket and then encase the entire TV in cardboard and tape securely!

Furniture and Shelves

All particleboard bed frames and oversized desks must be broken down, stacked, labeled, and taped together neatly.

We do store particleboard furniture, but we will not insure it!

  • Armoires- $75-$150- Depending on size and weight
  • Book shelves-small- Metal-Wood - $25-$45 ( depending on size)
  • Bookshelves- large-$50-$65 (depending on size)
  • Couch Small (60 inches wide)-$100
  • Couch-regular (over 70 inches)-$125
  • Couch-sleeper- (because of the weight)-$175
  • Drafting tables -$45
  • Dressers- -$65-$85 ( depending on size and weight)
  • Desk- $65-$75 ( depending on size)
  • Desk chairs - $50
  • Dining Room Tables-$65-$85 (depending on size)
  • Dining Room Chairs-$25-$35 (depending on size)
  • End Tables- Night Stand $50
  • Entertainment Centers-$65-$75 ( depending on size)
  • Filing Cabinets-$50-$100 ( depending on size and weight)
  • Loft (must be broken down and taped together )$75
  • Office desk chair - $50Ottoman- $25-$50 ( depending on size)
  • Papasan Chair -Bean Bag chairs -$55
  • Recliner or armchair -$75
  • Trunks -$60-$75 ( depending on size)

Additional Pricing Information

On-Campus pickups- the First 2 are free. After that, each additional pick up is $35

The minimum storage bill for any customer per semester even after discounts is $100. If your storage bill is under $100 with or without discounts, you will still be charged the minimum rate of $100

Add-on storage items: Many students and parents buy additional items over the summer either from craigslist, mattress firms, other students, Ikea, etc. CSS employees will pick these items up or have them delivered to our office warehouse. We will add these additional items to your other items in storage and then deliver all of your stuff when you return to school.

Ship to School Services: You can purchase items from retailers throughout the summer and have them delivered to our office. We will then put them in the warehouse with your student's storage items and deliver everything on the day your student returns to school

Assembly and Dis-Assembly: Yes we will help students take apart or put together bed frames, other furniture, and bookshelves. We can also take shelves and TVs off walls, etc...if they request us too. We charge $35 for every 15 minutes for this service. We DO NOT mount pictures, TV mounts, or furniture on walls at new residences due to liabilities.

All storage services include pick up and delivery to the ground floor of any residence on or off-campus. We charge a moving fee of $35 every 15 minutes for all pick-ups and deliveries of storage items beyond the ground floor. Most pickups and deliveries take 15-30 minutes on average for students who don't have furniture and 30 minutes to an hour or more for students who have furniture.

Re-delivery fee- If we cannot deliver your items on the day you request because you are still not in the state, no one will answer the door, or you request a different delivery day on the day we are bringing your storage items to you. The re-delivery fee is $75 and is based on availability. 

Warehousing Fee- If you come to our warehouse to pick up your items, there is a $45 warehousing fee to meet one of our employees and have them pull your items and set them upfront of warehouse and help you load them into your vehicle. This will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Additional Packing Material:

  • Wardrobe Boxes for purchase -$40 each ( 24"x 20" x 45")
  • TV boxes ( heavy duty) for purchase- $25
  • XL TV boxes ( heavy duty) for purchase- $40
  • Bubble wrap. “12 x 24” x1/2”x 5 ft bundles  $5 each
  • Mattress covers, $15 each
  • All Flat ScreenTV's need to be boxed-We will re-pack flat-screen TVs at our warehouse by wrapping them in bubble wrap and encasing them in cardboard. Yes, there is an additional cost in doing this from $25-$75 depending on size.
  • Additional Poster tube- $5 (includes labels, markers, and packaging instructions)
  • Additional tape- $2 a roll
  • Extra boxes- $3 for large, $2 for medium, $1 for small
  • If you have questions, concerns, or want to make special arrangements, please call the office or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.
  • If your item(s) is not listed or you have questions, feel free to call us at 303-545-9525.

Storage Insurance:

All items receive up to $100 of coverage on them. Extra insurance is $50 for every $1000 worth of coverage. Customers must let us know on pick up what they want extra insurance on. Many students will put extra insurance on TVs or expensive bikes.

We are extremely fair to our customers, if we break, lose, or damaged items while they are in our care, we will do whatever it takes to make sure they are either repaired, replaced, or the customer is compensated for the damage. This is how CSS has ALWAYS run our business. The students and their parents are our customers and we want to make sure you are taken care of and understand that we are a moving and storage company that actually cares and will not nickel and dime a customer if an issue arises, we really do care about our reputation

Labeling your storage items:

We ask that all students label ALL of their items ahead of time before they show up with their full name and confirmation #. With boxes, we ask that you label all 4 sides and the top of every box with your full name and confirmation # with the marker we gave you. We plastic bins, please labels the front and the top of each one with your full name and confirmation # with the marker we gave you, please make them are tape shut!. For items that don't fit in a box, we ask that you use one of our tie tags and label both sides with your name and confirmation #. We also have sticker labels you can use for any other items. We don't mind helping students who have at least attempted to label their items. If a student does not label their items they will be charged for us to label them. The cost is $35 for every 15 minutes. You can print out additional storage labels from the website ( at the bottom of the homepage) or use tie tags that we give you, or just make your own. Please make sure labels are secured tight to each item. Do not tape or stick labels on the top or front of any furniture. The tape or stickers will pull off the varnish! Tape labels to the back or bottom of furniture. We will bring mattress covers and label all beds. The better you label your items, the quicker we can complete your move and it will make it easier on us.

PLEASE! Take a moment to look at the repacking videos located at the bottom of the home page.


  • CSS offers numerous discounts on our storage services. Customers can receive only one discount per semester. We will always choose the highest discount for you if you receive more than one.
  • Any customer who stores items for more than one semester will receive $50 off their storage for each additional semester of storage
  • We do not discount any of our other services.
  • The absolute minimum storage contract is $100 even with discounts applied


Our Storage Services Include:


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What’s Included:

  • Packing supplies like boxes, tape, markers, labels, poster tube, and storage instructions.

  • Climate controlled warehouse to store your belongings

  • 24/7 security

How It Works:

  • We provide boxes, tape, poster tubes, markers, labels and instructions to you prior to pickup.
  • We pickup your belongings at your residence on or off campus.
  • We store your belongings in our climate controlled warehouse while you are away.
  • We deliver to your new residence when you return, wherever you live, on or off campus.

Benefits of using CSS

Looking to save time and money this year? Relax, we've got it! College Student Storage offers door-to-door moving, storage, and shipping solutions for all of your belongings. Whether you are storing your gear for the summer or an entire semester, we’ve got you covered. CSS is locally owned and operated and has been helping college students across Colorado move and store their belongings for over 20 years!

Why Choose Us:

Locally Owned & Operated CSS has helped move, store and ship over 20,000 college students in the past 20 years.

Packing Supplies We provide all your packing supplies like boxes, tape, poster tubes, labels markers, and more!

Only pay for what you store We customize our quotes so you only pay for the space you need.

Pickup and Delivery Our professional movers will transport your belongings from your residence to our warehouse and back again.

24/7 Climate Controlled Warehouses Our warehouses have motion and camera alarm systems, security gates, and daily employees on premises throughout the year.

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