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CSS Dorm in-room pick up services

 In-room pick up- $50 flat rate- This service includes us carrying all student's storage items from a student's dorm room to our moving truck. The student escorts us into the residence hall or Greek house to their room. 

CSS Moving and Hauling Rates with a truck 

Moving /Hauling /Short Term Storage (STS) rate for 2 guys and a truck:

  • $125 per hour, minimum billing rate of 2 hours

Moving/Hauling/STS rate for 3 guys and a truck:

  • $150 per hour, minimum billing of 2 hours

Moving/hauling /STS rate for 4 guys and a truck:

  • $185 per hour, minimum billing of 2 hours

Our moving rates fluctuate throughout the year due to demand.

If you need more than 4 guys for your move or multiple trucks, please call the office for a quote.

Hauling Services

We also offer hauling services if you need items cleared out of your residence and taken to the dump or Goodwill. The rates above apply, plus dump fees, if we have to go to the dump.

CSS Straight Moving Rates without a truck

This service would be for unloading rental trucks, storage containers or shipping containers, or helping you move furniture within your home, office or company. Or helping you pack up items for a move, etc..

Rate for 2 guys:

  • $100 per hour, minimum billing of 2 hours 

Rate for 3 guys:

  • $125 per hour, minimum billing of 2 hours

Rate for 4 guys:

  • $150 per hour, minimum billing of 2 hours

Assembly/Dis-assembly rates - Same as rates above, minimum 1 hour

Items that you need us to take apart or put back together like Ikea furniture and bed frames, large particle board desk, shelves, TV brackets etc. We charge an additional fee for this.

Packing and Repacking Rates

We charge $150 an hour, a minimum of 2 hours to repack a room or apartment, or house. Includes packing material, shrink wrapping, boxes, and moving items to our warehouse or another destination. We usually use 3 employees for these services for small repacks and 4 employees for full apartment and house pack ups. 

If you need us to repack special or fragile items during a pick up for storage or shipping, no problem. Most repacking cost is between $25-$50 per item. $75-$100 for bikes and larger items.

IKEA Pick up Rates

If you would like us to go to Ikea in Centennial to purchase items for you. The cost is $250 for this service. This is the cost of 2 employees to drive down, pick out the Ikea items you want us to purchase, drive them back to our warehouse, label, and unload them. On average it takes us 4 to 5 hours to complete this process due to heavy traffic and congestion at Ikea and traffic through Denver. The cost for returning items or additional runs to Ikea is the same.

IKEA Storage Rates

To store Ikea items in our warehouse until you get back to school depends on what we purchase and store for you and the duration of time. This rate is usually $100-4200 but can be more if it's a lot of items or stored for a long period of time.

If you have items in storage with us and add Ikea items to your storage, the delivery is included for free. If you have just Ikea items in storage, the delivery cost is an additional $100-$175 depending on what school you go to.

Same Day IKEA Pick up and Delivery Rates

If you want us to go to Ikea and purchase items for you and deliver them the same day to your residence, no problem.

  • CU-Boulder and Boulder city limits - $250
  • CSU-Fort Collins- City limits - $350
  • Colorado Spring-City Limits -$400
  • Denver-City limits - $250

Please Note- We do not assemble Ikea furniture. 

Additional Rates for Services and Packaging

  • Your deposit on sign-up goes towards boxes (3 different sizes and up to 12) tape, and a poster tube with labels, tags, packaging instructions, and a marker inside it and reserving your space for storage services and booking for moves and shipping services
  • Packaging material (bubble wrap) / $5.00 per 12"x24" x1/2x5' bundle
  • Mattress or Futon covers are available for $15 per cover
  • Extra tape is $2 per roll
  • Extra poster tube- $5 ( Each customer gets one 1 free)
  • Extra boxes: Large - $4, Medium - $3, Small - $2
  • Wardrobe boxes ( heavy duty)- $35
  • 44 inch TV boxes- Super heavy-duty - $25
  • 55 inch TV boxes - Super heavy-duty- $40
  • Moving fees past ground floor $40 for every 15 minutes ( All storage pickups and deliveries are from the ground floor of any residence on or off campus)
  • Assembly and disassembly fee- $40 for every 15 minutes
  • Repacking fee at customers place $40 per 15 minutes (shrink wrapping, labeling, boxing or repacking items)
  • Labeling/ Taping charge- $40 for every 15 minutes (All your items need to be labeled ahead of time before we show up and all boxes need to be taped up correctly)
  • Hauling items to dump/ Goodwill- per hour/ 2 guys- $125 per hour plus dump cost
  • Hauling items to dump/ Goodwill- per hour/ 3 guys- $150 per hour plus dump cost
  • Taking and throwing an item or two away in an alley dumpster at customers residence- $40 per 15 minutes
  • Warehouse fee- Meeting a customer at warehouse $50 
  • Putting gas in a customers car $15, plus gas cost
  • Overweight boxes- Any boxes weighing over 70 lbs will receive an additional $40 surcharge overweight fee on them, per box. The overweight box fee is for all storage, shipping, or moving services. If any box weighs over 80lbs lbs, You will be assessed a $25-$50 repacking fee and the box will also be re-packed into 2 or more boxes. You should not have any of your boxes weigh more than 60 lbs! The cardboard cannot hold it and it may break. Plus, they are EXTREMELY hard to carry.
  • The minimum storage bill for any customer even after discounts is $100. That is the minimum rate. If your storage bill is under $100 with or without discounts, you will still be charged the minimum rate of $100.
  • Special Delivery Rates: If you would like a special pick up or delivery outside of the summer dates provided and scheduled for your school by CSS, you will be accessed a $50-$150 special pick up or delivery fee. Special pick-ups and deliveries are based upon our availability and rates are located on each school schedule page.
  • Special Delivery fee to all abroad and semester storage customers during winter months ( September-April). The special delivery fee is between $75-$150 depending on the school you go to. Rates are located on each school schedule page.
  • Discounts: CSS offers numerous discounts. 1 discount per customer. We will always give you the highest discount off if you are eligible for more than one discount. Our discounts ONLY apply to our storage services.


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