We offer the following storage services:

  • Summer Storage
  • Car Storage
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Abroad-Semester Storage

Our storage services are usually paired with some kind of moving services as well; we pick up and drop off everything where and when you need it! After all, the whole point of putting all that stuff in storage—whether for a summer, a semester, a year, or more—is that you don't have to worry about it! Relax, we got this!

How It Works:

  • Sign up online.  Sign up online today for our storage service or give us a call 303-545-9525.
  • We keep in touch- We send you and your parents weekly email updates and texts 
  • We deliver you packing supplies. You get boxes ( 3 different sizes), tape, and a poster tube with labels, packing instructions and a marker in it one week ahead of your move out.
  • Schedule a pick up date-Our professional team of movers will come to collect your belongings and transport them to our warehouse. Click on your school icon on our homepage for important scheduling information.
  • Keep your items secure. Your belongings will be kept in our climate controlled storage facility equipt with motion and camera alarm systems, security gates, and an employee is on premises during the day, every day, throughout the year.
  • Delivery. Let us know when you want your items delivered to you. We'll make sure your belongings arrive safely.

Door-to-Door Storage

 When you hire CSS, you don't have to stress about moving your belongings from your residence hall, house, or apartment to our storage facilities. Just click on your school icon on our homepage for scheduling information and then sign up online. Once you schedule a pick up time with us, we'll load your things onto our professional moving trucks and store them safely in our secure facilities. then when you return to school, you schedule a delivery , and we'll move your items to your new address, on or off campus. Relax, we got it! 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Many students use both our shipping and Summer storage services at the same time. Students put their items in storage over the break and then ship home the things they need for the Summer. We've got you covered! No need to run boxes and items to the shipping store, we'll pick them up from you at the same time we pick up your storage at your residence.

CSS offers door-to-door shipping services anywhere in the world. Whether you need a few items to everything you own shipped, we'll get your belongings to you.

For more information regarding pricing,  please visit our shipping pricing page

Parents and Students please read:

You are not just paying for summer storage or other services that we offer, your also paying for excellent customer service from our office staff to our employees. Also a peace of mind that your storage will be safe and the company you chose reputable. We are here in our office all summer and year long. You can always reach us via phone or email. We help ALL students on and off campus through out the entire year with our numerous services for college students and parents. Our office is located here in Colorado, just outside of Boulder. Ou warehouses are located in Boulder and Fort Collins

*BEWARE of other national companies that are pitching you summer storage services!  Many of them are located outside Colorado and sub contract and farm everything out. They have zero employees here in the state. You dont know what company is picking up your items or where your items are being stored. These companies are in and out for a quick buck. If you want items delivered on a dates they don't offer, you pay HUGE extra rates! We also have a few companies here in Colorado as well offering summer storage services. Just becuase they say owned and operated by a former student does NOT MEAN they know what they are doing. They only offer these services just for the dorm move out for summer break and then disapear for the rest of the year. They are in and out for a quick buck. These companies mainly use rental trucks and temp agency help. Are your items being stored in a climate contolled warehouse? Example- The UPS store on CU campus puts students storage items in UPS semi trailers for the summer and parks them outside in a parking lot. Other companies pack all the students stuff into storage units that are not climate controlled or pods left outside for the summer. Ask these other companies where your items are actually being stored, if they are sub contracting all of there business out, if they have their own employees here in Colorado, if there are huge penalties for getting your stuff picked up or delivered outside there specified dates for each, and most importantly, are they insured? 

The bottom line is CSS has been here in business for 22 years and has a ton of experience and was started at CU Boulder. We own our trucks, we hire all college students through out the year to work for CSS, and we are locally owned and operated, and we are insured. CSS can help you, whether your a parent of a college student or a student yourself, through out your enitre college career at anytime of the year. All storage prices include storage for the entire summer break or semester and include on or off campus pick-up and delivery to your address, climate controlled warehouse storage for the semester and insurance, all for one low price! We have 3 climate contolled warehouses we use. Most importantly, we have an EXCELLENT track record and history. Please think about these things when you choose a summer storage comapny, they are all not nearly the same. 

We own all of our own equipment and are fully licensed and insured. For a list of our pricing packages or itemized breakdowns please visit our storage prices page.


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Our Storage Services Include:


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“My daughter's and my experiences with CSS has been very good. They brought the boxes to CU, she picked up what she needed, and for one price picked up her packed boxes in May, stored them for the summer, and returned them to her at her new address in August. It made storing her things very easy. I would use them again.”— Gina Snyder

Benefits of using CSS

Looking to save time and money this year? Relax, we've got it! College Student Storage offers door-to-door moving, storage and shipping solutions for all of your belongings. Whether you are storing your gear for the summer or an entire semester, we’ve got you covered. CSS is locally owned and operated and has been helping college students across Colorado move and store their belongings for over 20 years!

Why Choose Us:

  • Locally Owned & Operated CSS has helped move, store and ship over 20,000 college students in the past 20 years.
  • Packing Supplies We provide all your packing supplies like boxes, tape, poster tubes, labels markers and more!
  • Only pay for what you store We customize our quotes so you only pay for the space you need.
  • Pickup and Delivery Our professional movers will transport your belongings from your residence to our warehouse and back again.
  • 24/7 Climate Controlled Warehouses Our warehouses have motion and camera alarm systems, security gates, and daily employeeson premises throughout the year.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Moving isn’t fun, but we’re here to help make it as painless as possible. Getting started is quick and easy just follow the steps below:

  • Sign up today!

    Enter your name, email and school into the signup form to get started. An email will be sent to you with further instructions.
  • Pack up your stuff

    We’ll deliver boxes, tape, poster tubes, markers and labels to help get you started.
  • Relax, We’ve Got It!

    Check your email for schedule and delivery updates then kick back and let us do the rest.

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